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Subject: $322 million asbestos verdict

Kind of making a huge assumption there that this judge is crooked.

You mean he accidentally forgot his parents stood to benefit from the case he was deciding?
You must be a big believer in people always doing the right thing.

From what I have read about the case (I am an asbestos hazard consultant btw),
and its not much (but clearly more than you), Judge Bowen didn't do anything wrong.

I only read the paragraph I published, so yes, you have the advantage.
Am I about to get my ass kicked?

Read his response to the disqualification petition:

The judge says he didn't know his father filed a claim?
I guess that's possible...

What is your argument for him being crooked? 
The $300+ million was a jury awarded amount, not a bench issued ruling.

He was the judge in the trial.
And you're asking me how he could've possibly affected the verdict?

You wrote:
> "His parents stood to gain (millions, we must assume) from his keeping secrets - that's a f-ing CRIME."

Whoa! You pulled that out of your ass.  His parents suit was from over 20 years ago,
and was settled back then - the current trial case had zip to do with his parents' 20 year old
settled case, and there is no conceivable way Judge Bowen had any financial incentives here.

IF that's true, we should both blame the hack writer at USA Today.
The story said his parents WERE involved, not HAD BEEN involved.

Besides, the Mississippi Supreme Court disagrees with you.
They pulled the "forgetful" judge off the case and vacated his verdict.

You are really slipping these days... 

Yes, once again, my evil and deceitful motives have been exposed.

How much time do you think I spent on that story?
Do you think I'm Greg Palast, doing an in-depth expose on that crooked judge?

Then you wrote:
> "The rich and powerful and connected just CAN NOT go to jail anymore."

Union fucking Carbide is the hero and the judge is the villain???  Laughable...
 Joe Vendetta

Yes, I love Union Carbide and would die for their right to make more profits.
I'm another Cheney, right?

I asked if anyone could name a rich person who's been to prison lately.

You failed that test and proved my point.

There was no reason to be angry and excited about this.
You could've politely asked for clarification OR disagreed like an adult.


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