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Subject: from Asia, africa and south america

Hey bart,

Am from asia and i have friends in africa and south america, am really happy obama won. 
the world feels safer already some how and we hope this man's desire to be righteous will 
stop the cruelty and evil Amercia has spread from nicaragua to so many U.S backed regimes.

Dude, that's mostly Republican aggression.
Democrats are more into sex than bloodlust.

We are not just crying happy tears coz Obama won, no. But also because we feel that finally 
the world will be relieved of a cruel country that has lost its way and caused much suffering 
around the world. That we might finally, finally be safe from it. That a nation that has fed its 
young with the blood of the children of other nations has somehow found a way back to 
compassion and has somehow produced and brought forth a man to inspire them to raise 
themselves above their base selves as all human beings should.

We've felt like prisoners here in America.
Short of armed revolutiuon, there was nothing we could do.
Bush changed the rules and made himself king.
He declared himself above the law and proceeded to rape, kidnap, rob and murder.

still, only time will tell. No doubt a CIA file will find its way to the president's desk, reporting 
that such and such newly democratically elected president of a country wants to, lets say out 
of many scenarios, move towards nationalisation of the country's resources and its against 
American interests and that the U.S's man (some cruel asshole who crawled out of the U.S's 
school of americas program) was completely rejected by the people (has happened before 
many many times) and we will see what happens...

Will it be the same old story again? assasinate the democratically elected president? 
Cause chaos by equiping people with arms? and put another dictator in place? 
Let the children suffer with no food and medicine by placing sanctions if this cannot be done? 
or let the children suffer with no food and medication by placing the U.S backed man at the top?

We hope not. 
But if thats what Americans end up doing even with a president like Obama, there is no hope.

But only time will tell.

Bush the Butcher might be bookended by the two greatest presidents ever.
I say go ahead and bet on that - I would.

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