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Manley Hot Springs fishing trip - Part 2

Manley Hot Springs is a sleepy little village literally at the end of the road about 165 miles due west of Fairbanks.
It's one of the few places left in Alaska where it's still possible to get away from the maddening crowds and relax in peace and quiet.

The drive out is always amazing and going through the mountains in the early morning
and watching the sunrise, drifting fog and changing colors was simply beautiful.

Spent four days in Manley and went fishing Saturday and Sunday. Fishing was excellent on Saturday before it started raining.
For some reason, fish often start biting like crazy right before it rains. Went out trolling and the northerns just kept slamming
my Daredevil King of Diamonds spoon left and right. I've always have good luck with that particular style, I'm told that it's a
very popular lure for northerns in Canada. Released a bunch of nice sized northerns, I gave some away to some guys who
were trying their luck shore fishing and kept two myself for dinner.

There's not very much to do in Manley except for fishing, watching wildlife and
soaking in the hot tubs, but for some people, that's plenty!  :)

it's not fall yet, a wildfire swept through this area in May

<>Moonrise on Tanana River

the wet summer is causing mushrooms to grow everywhere

another moose on the road



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