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Today's Amazing Astrocat photos...

Last week I traveled north to scout fishing areas on the Red River between Fargo and Pembina
near the Canadian border. I traveled mostly on gravel roads and crossed many farm fields to get
to various fishing spots I had previously located with GPS and Google Earth. I more or less headed
north along Highway 75, which I learned is one of the oldest roads in our nation. Highway 75 follows
ancient Native American hunting trails and it stretches all the way from Winnipeg down to the Gulf Of Mexico.

The landscape throughout the Red River Valley is, by and large, as flat as a pancake, but there's a lot o
f interesting history waiting to be found in the old farming communities along the way. Long ago, there
were a number of Hudson Bay Fur Company trading posts located at various points up and down the river,
and back in the days before the railroads, there were many steamboats transporting passengers and freight
to and from Winnipeg. Nowadays, sugar is king with thousands of huge sugar beet farms seen everywhere
for miles and miles. The farmers claim this is some of the richest soil to be found anywhere in the entire world.

Fishing on the Red is much different than fishing on the Mississippi, the catfish are more numerous and
generally much larger, plus they prefer different baits and presentations. It was a real pleasure meeting
and exchanging information with all the cat fishermen, and cat fisherwomen, I met along the way,
the folks who fish the Red River really take their cat fishing SERIOUSLY!

Near Georgetown North Dakota

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Catching the big ones that are stacked up just below the dam in Drayton North Dakota 

Pembina is the oldest settlement in ND, This church was built by Icelanders who later sold it to Ukrainian immigrants.
Once or twice a year a priest comes down from Winnipeg and holds services.

Huge farms along Highway 75, sugar beet country

Climax Minnesota

Drayton North Dakota bills itself as "Catfish Capital Of The North"

One of many old iron bridges crossing the Red River, this one is near Climax MN and Buxton ND

Night fishing near Drayton, I pulled in so many cats like this one that I lost count,
I kept fishing until I ran out of bait about 2. am. and then I called it a night.


Astrocat, you do great work!


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