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Today's Amazing Astrocat photo...      Akutan, Aleutian Islands
Feels good to be back on solid ground after 8 days at sea, but I'm going to miss all the good
food onboard!   Trip started out rough with 10-15 foot seas but after that it was mostly smooth
sailing with quite a bit of sunshine. We were told we were lucky, the weather can be horrendous
out there. The island villagers are extremely friendly, but what a remote isolated life they live,
it seems as though you've traveled to the most remote area on planet earth. They order all of
their food, gas and everything else and have it shipped in by barge. Saw millions of sea birds
and large pods of migrating whales, while going through the straights, it was incredible.
Back in Homer, heading for Fairbanks then several weeks in Yukon for fall colors and auroras.
    Astrocat, Aug 9, 2011



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