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Today's Amazing Astrocat Bonus Photo...    Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories
In Inuvik, cold gray blustery weather today, rained last night.  They were predicting overnight
snow flurries, which thankfully didn't happen.  Past several days have been clear, warm and sunny
and I've been getting many nice fall colors shots along the Dempster Highway.  Spotted caribou in
the Richardson Mountains yesterday and was also blessed with clear skies and a 4 hour long aurora
display yesterday morning. Checking all the weather forecasts here at the library before deciding
what to do next. Filled up with gas at $1.80 per liter for regular, that's about $6.82 per gallon.
Going grocery shopping today, that should be interesting as Inuvik prices on fresh produce and
dairy items are jaw droppings
          - Astrocat, Sept 10, 2011



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