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Today's Amazing Astrocat Bonus Photo...    Along the Dempster Highway

Dempster Highway going through Richardson Mountains, on a good day.
Last night, drove over Wright Pass, the continental divide, during a storm that was both a hair raising and nerve wracking experience.

Slippery thick mud, slush, ice, snow, gale force winds with horizontal rain and snow,
and at the very top THICK fog. For about 2 hours had to drive very slowly in 2nd and 3rd gear,
praying all the way for traction and no breakdowns.

Stopped at Rock River late last night for a little sleep and made it back to Eagle Plains
today with yet another! flat tire this morning which I again repaired with a plug.

The truckers all call Wright Pass "Hurricane Alley" because 80mph winds are
frequently encountered. Driving in the far North is not for wimps :o)

New set of tires when I get to Fairbanks.
         - Astrocat, Sept 11, 2011



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