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Astrocat visits Prairie Home Companion live

It took me 29 years but I finally made it down to the Fitzgerald Theater to see Prairie Home Companion live.
We waited in line outside for rush seating, got our numbers, went to Mickey's Diner and had Mulligan Stew,
then came back just before showtime and were given seats 5 rows back from the stage, not bad. 

It was an enjoyable and memorable evening. These aren't the greatest shots, but they were taken
with a point and shoot pocket camera and there was no flash allowed inside the theater.

I first listened to Garrison in 1983 when I was fishing on a beautiful stream up in the mountains near Homer Alaska.
After catching a nice dolly varden and cooking it over a fire for dinner, I settled in for the evening and scanned the
dial on my pocket transistor radio searching for something to pass the time away. I tuned into the strongest signal I
could find and started listening to this guy who was talking all about St. Paul, Minnesota.

I was surprised, and rather dumbfounded, and thought how can this be? I'm 4000 miles away - how can I be
listening to this? Am I getting a radio signal skip? I didn't know what to make of it. I kept listening and eventually
found out that I was tuned into Homer's NPR station and was listening to Garrison Keillor's PHC.
I've always dreamed of seeing the show ever since.


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