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Picking wild blue berries at Nome Creek
Traveling Alaska with Astrocat

Old timers are saying this is one of the best berry seasons in recent years - probably due to
a very wet July which broke rainfall records for interior Alaska. The berries are big, plump
and literally falling off the bushes. Decided to take a Sunday drive to Nome Creek and to
pick a few berries myself - it was a pleasant drive up the Steese Highway into the
White Mountains with a beautiful sunset on the way back home.

 Nome Creek

I think I ate more berries than I bagged  :)

Loaded blue berry bushes

I think the red berries are either Moose berries or wild cranberries - in any case, they don't taste very good :)

Alaska cotton is in bloom

Beautiful White Mountains Sunset


Astrocat, those were great, thanks.


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