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Attack, attack, attack

1. Has any previous president-elect ever exerted the
influence that Barack Obama is currently demonstrating,
with his use of the bully-pulpit? It bodes well for when 
he has actual power, is confidence-building.

2. Obama has been able to transcend race because he
has always considered himself a "mutt"--biracial,similar
to the way that Tiger Woods describes himself. In fact,
Obama had to actively search for a black identity by becoming
a community organizer and attending Rev. Wright's black church.

3. What Barack took away from Rev. Wright's church
was not Wright's politics but his oratorical skills.

4.The key weapon that the republicans have left is their
attack machine--the Rt-Wing-Echo-Machine. Their 
strategy is the same as when Bill Clinton first took 
over in '93-- attack-attack-attack. It worked back then to
stifle Hillary's health care plan and to give them a 
congressional take-over in 1994. 

5. The Rt-Wing-Echo-Machine has started even earlier
with Barack Obama, framing our current financial malaise
as the "Obama Recession" . The Left, as per usual has
let that framing go largely unchallenged, Unless they 
do so, consistently giving the market crash the correct
moniker of the"Bush Recession", the Republicans term
will start to take hold in early '09.

6. The three-H's (Hypothesize-Hype-Hysteria) in action :
Republicans like Dick Morris Hypothesize that the market
is crashing because they're afraid that President Obama
will do things like raising the capital-gains tax. The 
Rt-Wing-Echo-Machine Hypes up the theory, causing
Hysteria and labeling the financial mess the "Obama Recession".

7. More of the three H's --- Right-wingers hypothesize that
Pres. Obama will take away their guns. The Echo-Machine
hypes up the hysteria and we end up with a run on gun shops.

8. The key to controling the Rt-Wing-Echo-Machine lies
in getting more of the Left-wing message out there.
The best way to do that is to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine.

9. Right-wing media types like Limbaugh, Savage or 
O'Reilly have all identified themselves as "entertainers".
As "entertainers" they rationalize their lying and distortions 
of the truth. The truth becomes a commodity, with no more 
value than fiction, lies. If the truth sells, if it gets ratings, they 
exploit it. Otherwise, they have no compunctions about 
selling lies to their audience.

10. The only realistic way to describe what is going on
with the markets and bailouts is CLASS WARFARE.
We, the people have been losing that battle since the
Reagan days. The reason that we're losing is because 
our hired help, the people that we elect to represent us,
to fight for us inevitably become beholden to lobbyists,
aka Corporate America , in campaigns.

11. A major key to stopping class warfare is in
campaign finance reform. Barack Obama found a 
creative way around becoming beholden to Corporate
Amerika, but not completely. Their influence on him
is already becoming manifest in his appointments.

12. Best kept secret of the year---small businesses,
NOT Corporate Amerika create the majority of jobs
in this country, more than 70%.

 John Knott   

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