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Subject: more on Arizona 

I live in Tucson, very close to El Paso.  

I work with a gentlemen who was born here but goes into Mexico about once a month for family visits and the night club scene.  
There are a lot of people who go there to get gasoline as it is cheaper than here.  I know there are drug cartels killing and robbing, 
but I doubt statistically you would find higher crime there than the poor ares of New York or Los Angeles.  

It is a big problem and Mexico's solution was to try and make all the drugs legal, thus eliminating the income for these cartels.  
I have also read that it is not so much gang violence but more politically motivated as there is a big divide over the validity of 
the last election as well has the laws being enforced.  I know there are criminals, there are criminals everywhere - it is human 
nature - but this approach is pointless.  It is just like our overly stupid airport security.  In Israel they use very covert intelligence 
and pick out the terrorist very well - Amazing track record - and they do not strip search, sniff shoes, full body scan, any of that
useless crap that everyone knows is useless but is supposed to make you feel better.

Benjamin Franklin said "Give up freedom for security and you get neither."

I think this law spits in the face of freedom.  We were a society based on it is more important that an innocent man not be 
convicted than a guilty man be set free.  In other words, we are innocent until proven guilty - not the other way around
- but this law lets them assume you are guilty and you must prove your innocent.   Lack of proof may let a few guilty go free,
it that is more important than innocents serving time.  Yes, I know innocent people tend to serve time, but it is not as bad as 
it could be, and it is pretty much restricted to poor non-white people <another debate for another time>

Texas, Arizona, Southern California, New Mexico, and Nevada were all part of Mexico before we started an erroneous war 
with Spain and they lost and gave us the land even though they had already given Mexico its independence, so it was not really 
Spain's to give.  This is not too different from the Native Americans we persecuted for so long.  Yes, they were immigrants from
Spain mixed with local natives, but they were born here for many generations before we took it and cast them out.  

I do not pretend to know what to do, and I don't think we should 'give it back', but I am confident that the founding fathers 
wanted us to be a melting pot and there should be no immigration quotas or restrictions based on ethnicity.

With white immigrants they do background checks and refuse entry to criminals.
With non-whites, they just count them and only let in the ones with the highest college degrees.  

Do not blame all crime on immigrants, blame it on criminals and leave the innocent alone.
 I Dillon

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