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Subject: Illegals in Arizona


I have only encountered one illegal in the many years I have lived in Arizona. 
I personally don't think it is much of a problem when it comes to personal security.

I think if you ask 1,000 Arizonans how bad the illegal situation is here, you may get 
about 100 different answers, mostly depending on how close to the border they live. 

There is a problem with providing services to the illegals.  A few years back, there was a van 
carrying perhaps 10-12 illegals in Tucson, when it overturned.  Everyone was hospitalized, 
and the county had to pick up the tab.  Since most states and counties are in the red these days, 
you can understand why they would want to control these costs.

The one fact that people may be overlooking is that when illegals have children born in the USA, 
those children are automaticly American citizens.  We can't deport people whose minor children are citizens. 
This is one of the biggest reasons why we need to provide a way for those illegals already living here with a path to citizenship.

I am one of the few progressives I know who is in favor of completing the 2,000 mile long border fence. 
I understand that it will not stop all border crossings, but I think it will help to funnel those crossings to 
fewer places, where the Border Patrol can do their job in catching them and returning them to their country of origin.

We should understand how easy it is for some humans to blame others when their lives aren't going 
how they would like them to go.. With today's economics, I think there's some "scape goating" going on. 
The Hispanics are thus a convenient group to vent this frustration on for a lot of narrow-minded people,
i.e., teabaggers and other republitards.

Hope this helps,  
 Ron in Arizona

Ron, thanks for that.
I was looking for more information and you have provided some.

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