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Subject: Augggh!!! NO! No! NO! NO!!!!!!


You have been supportive of my 9/11 research, but it seems now you are coming
down on the side of the "bombs in the building" crew.

I love you, man, and right now I'm begging you to pay attention to me on this.

Demolitions experts cannot allow people to return to the buildings after they've
begun the wiring for the explosives, and it isn't out of concern for the people.
It's about concern for their wiring. You don't wire a building for explosives and
allow people back inside the building, because people WILL disturb the wiring.

Tens of thousands of people returning to a building that is increasingly wired
with explosives over months and maybe years? No. This did not happen.
The risk of discovery or inadvertent detonation is too big. The planners could
not and would not incorporate this level of risk into their plans.

Even worse, the "bombs in the building" theory also includes this plane crash.
This theory claims that after all this pre-wiring, that the demolitions experts
OK'd a plan to crash a plane into a building. The earlier mention of allowing
people to go back to work amongst all the bombs? Pales in comparison to
my NANCY GRACE GUARANTEE that a plane crash would have
disturbed some of the bombs and some of the wiring.

Nobody would wire up a building for explosive demolition and then
crash a plane into the building. This is patently stupid. Please realize this.

That doesn't mean that a plane crash alone was capable of causing the
damage seen to the WTC. No. A plane crash could not do that.
But the explosives theory is full of holes. The truth is that an electrical weapon
zapped the WTC into dust while it was standing, and then the dust
fell to the ground. By the time any part of the building was falling,
it was already either dust or getting turned into dust.

I call the weapon "The Steelobulator" because I haven't yet found out the real name. 
Please check my Facebook notes and read what I've been saying. 

Call me,
Tracy aka Dr Babs

Tracy, I don't have a position on what caused the WTC to fall.
I just don't accept someone telling me what's possible so I defended the opposite position.
You and I have no idea what can happen when you start with the CIA and then add 
unlimited money and unlimited power and presidential pardons and insatiable oil greed.

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