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The "BACK ROOM" is where it begins and ends!
   by CSI Politics

There was a secret meeting of the Super delegates in DC yesterday.  
How hopeful do you feel if you are for Hillary? She is still working hard but, the opposing team (the DNC) is working even harder to get her out! 
What is the reality of this situation?  If she does not run as an Independent - how much is the Democratic Party ever going to allow her to do again?  
What if Hillary announces tomorrow or the next day or even next week that she is suspending her race and going to be campaigning hard for Obama and then asks all of her supporters to join her to get him elected?  Will it REALLY be in the best interest of those that support her OR in Hillary's best interst to do so?  
When is principle over a single-issue or for the good of the Party more important than FINALLY jumping off the merry-go-round to get it right for women?  Because we know when women are in control - it is right for everyone!

We have heard our entire lives' 'if you want something done right you need to do it youself'.  After years of playing by the rules, doing what was asked of us by candidates and organizations and a political party - where has it gotten us or Hillary for that matter?  
Most of the female old-time, tow-the-line politicos and activists just had their worlds turned upside down after a series of hits that left women stunned; the NARAL endorsement, the media openly using sexism without the Democratic Party leaders coming to the defense of Hillary let alone women, and the Democratic Party themselves working hard to discredit Hillary and her husband accusing them of racism.  
Evidence of an upside down year - many never thought they would feel more at home watching Fox.  They never thought they would agree with Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough or Tucker Carlson and cursing the likes of Chris Mathews, Keith Olberman, and Jack Cafferty.  These women who have walked the walk and talked the talk for many years backed up with many years of volunteerism, contributions, and anything else needed to fight for civil rights and equal rights for women - have been deeply offended and feeling so unappreciated by some African Americans and young women and, quite frankly, some older women- feels as though they just want to turn off their television sets and give up in the process because they are feeling so rejected.
So, what to do and where to go?  
Remember Ivanna Trump's famous line, "Don't get mad - get even?"  
Suggestion - get the LAST BIG WORD in this whole mess.  

The final push to get Hillary out is upon us.  Women may have lost the battle BUT, they certainly do not have to lose the war.  IT IS NOT OVER!  It is not over unless, millions of strong women decide to throw in the towel when we are almost there - YES, we are almost there.  So, do NOT give up now.  Do not let them win the war.  If women retreat now - it will take decades to recover.  

For those of you that have experienced child birth - remember those last few centimeters before you were finally to the point of pushing to give birth.  It was painful and you wanted to give up but, you had no choice.  The same applies now.  There really is no choice to give up unless you want to see all of the work that women have done over the decades go down the drain.  

In about 9-months from now - there is a major event happening for women that will give them more political power than EVER before.  And, even though this event - for strategic reasons - is not ready to be announced yet, it would be a major missed opportunity not to put the word out to the millions of women that are feeling disenfranchised on this very day so they may begin to find out for themselves what they could do that is POSITIVE and HOPEFUL and the REAL ANSWER to finishing the work of women in politics to give them power. 

For women to have real power - women need to be in the "back room" and not JUST on the frontlines of a campaign or in the voting booth.  Real power is in the planning of who will be running for office long before the Primary season begins.  And, painfully - many of our citizens have just found out this cruel but, real fact about our political process in America.

Another fact to share; the real power in government is NOT with the President but, with the Congress.  The Congress is where issues are debated, bills are drafted, and policy is made. 

ALL CONGRESSIONAL members are up for re-election in 2010, including some of your favorites whether that is Nancy Pelosi or someone else. Every single seat! 

Women, is it time to CLEAN HOUSE?  
If "cleaning house" is all that you feel your Party or others in political power think you are good for as a female interested in politics - then why don't you pull out your apron and your gloves and join a movement that is already preparing to show how thorough we WILL clean OUR HOUSE?  And, what a cleaning it will be!  A good-old fashioned and extremely thorough spring cleaning that you can sign up for now because the "backroom" is where it all starts and where it ends.

2010 is when women WIN!

After reading many blogs and websites and hearing from many people that they wished there was somewhere for them to go or that a new party or movement would be formed - then please do not despair.  Careful thought and strategy has been and is being applied to a movement that women will be at the forefront.  After all, the men have had the power for over 200-years and where has it gotten us?    Kindly, we would like to give them a break!
As we have all learned the hard way - the ones that get ahead in politics are the ones that are playing hardball quietly and in private - in that "back room".    Maybe those of us that for years have worked out in the open in big numbers have been missing the boat.  

EXAMPLE:  How many of you last Saturday had your popcorn ready anxiously waiting and waiting and waiting for the Rules Committee of the DNC to come back from their lunch break so you could watch democracy at her best - open and inclusive for all to watch?? 

On this very important day of all Election days - instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop - or waiting to see what is expected of you next - do what Hillary has taught women to do in the face of uncertainty and tough times.  Get up, dust yourself off, and TAKE ACTION to quietly - behind the scenes - show the DNC, NARAL, and the media who REALLY has the last word.  

Email for more details.  It is TIME to do things differently in politics.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 
                                                                                                         Albert Einstein
Final word and personal note to my fellow sisters;

While you may be feeling anxious, sad, rejected, and even depressed - this is not the end - this is a bump in the road that has re-energized the women's movement and that is a POWER to be reckoned with.  

So, to my fellow females - please do not give up hope.  I, for one of MANY, know about the movement that has been in the works for sometime now and I just want to pass along a little bit of sunshine to you on a day that may not feel very bright by telling you THERE IS REASON TO HAVE MAJOR HOPE.   

It may not seem like it today but, soon you will be laughing and working together and making a real difference that CANNOT be taken away from you.   I encourage you to email your contact info to the above email address so the people in the movement may get info out to you about what is about to happen with politics in America.  I promise, it will make you feel better.  It has me!

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