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Subject: This bailout is bullshit

Don't get caught up in the 777 drop bullshit...
Why does one think Bush & the corporate fucks are pushing this so hard and fast...after all of Bush's lies you happen to believe this bullshit they are pushing "no questions asked, please, pass it in a hurry"....These are the same lying assholes we've had for eight years wanting to make a killing off our taxes which they expected and now you want to believe them....the market will adjust without a fucking doubt probably even go higher...

I'm with a liberal point of view as is Kucinich....we know Obama is a moderate certainly not a liberal would be pushing for this bailout bullshit bill!

Fuck this socialism only for the rich, let people keep their homes, the corporations
have defaulted & forfeited, stemming from their own greedy deregulation that the republicans have been demanding for over thirty years. The republicans have never seen a monopoly they didn't love & encourage...."Too big to fail" fuck that, let them fail!

Even with a bailout, this is just the beginning of a huge financial collapse that Bushco is just more than happy to put off on the next's going to get mean and far uglier, with over 10 trillion in debt, growing everyday. Foreign wars & occupations sucking us dry domestically .

Workers, middle class, the poor are going to hurt and be hit hard and it's coming...You can't run an economy as the BushCo corporate thieves have for eight long years and not expect a catastrophe...the greedy ignorant republicans will be hurting as well...but they'll keep pointing the fingers that Limbaugh & Fox news tells them to, at the democrats!

We are going to go through far worst shit because of these republican bastards very shortly...So fuck their Bail Out it's just a band-aid anyway for what's coming....We've got some heavy shit waiting for us when the BushCo thieves leave, if they leave....Why should we bail out these filthy rich fuckers....They selfishly deregulated, their insatiable greed intensified beyond imagination, while always counting on, and knowing our taxes would bail them out as a bonus the lying, devouring pigs...So Fuck Them!!

In any case, this is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg!

Call your congressperson to vote NO on this bullshit corporate bailout!

Bush isn't telling us shit, jobs are going to be lost no matter wha,t even if we give these thieves their ransom bailout money....These fuckers are throwing this at us us to rake in the money their last BushCo rip-off and money has stopped flowing in for the ten trillion plus debt Bush is leaving us with....

You think this is it? That if we bail these corporate fucks out we are out of it? Why would anyone want to give these thieves more of our tax dollars....You don't see what's ahead...Bush's Fed just threw 630 billion in the pot, the bailout is bullshit. Extortion is what it is, and BushCo as always are lying and trying to steal more of of money....this bailout is going to help one bit....and the jobs are going to be lost because of Bush's & the republicans eight years of stealing, no regulations war for profits and they want to intentionally destroy our social programs & system...

The bailout is BULLSHIT!

Al Baston

Al in BCR 145, I use the analogy that if your car is stolen,
you can be angry and you can investigate but you still need another car. 

You've told us what we can't do - the bailout - but we still have the problem.

The money has been stolen, yes, but GM can't sell cars without credit.
We can't get out of the housing crash without credit.

We can't shut down the economy to get even with the Republican crooks.

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