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Subject: you bait

I'll bite.
Attributing the quotation dripping with stupidity to "every Christian in America" is beneath you, Bart.  
You're too smart for that.  And because we all know that you know better (or, with your IQ, 
should know better), are we to interpret your group smear as bigotry?  That hardly seems your style either. 
I'm a Christian -- son of a preacher -- and I love  I'm in strong agreement with 99.9% of what 
you write here.  But this ugly mischaracterization of a huge group of people and their belief system mystifies me.  
I reminds me of the way the wingnuts want to paint all Muslims as insane, blood-lust driven terrorists inspired 
by their religion.  I wouldn't expect that from you.
Are there crazy, stupid and mean people who call themselves Christians?  Yep.  
But the only group I know that doesn't have people like that in it is called "the dead."
My two cents.  Keep up the great work!
 -Russ K

First, when I read it, it seemed funny so I went with it.
Second, when you say it out loud, it sounds really stupid.

If *I* started a club where you had to "eat my body and drink my blood" 
to be a member, you'd think I was the weirdest person in the country.

Not only that, but if I claimed that everyone owed me a debt, and that you owed me this debt
because you were born and you had to worship me or I'd condemn you to a fiery death,
you'd accuse me of extortion and you'd be right to do it..

Going further, to be in my club, you had to swear my mother was a virgin and I had a secret place 
in the clouds where we'would all meet up after we died, etc, you'd want to strangle my crooked ass.

When you say it out loud, it's so stupid you have to laugh.
But you're taught this insane stuff before your brain forms so it's hard for some people to shake it.

The swear-to-God truth is the ONLY reason people believe in that illogical nonsense is because 
your parents said it was true, and they are the people who warned you not to touch the stove 
because it was hot. Since the heat thing turned out to be true, your 2-3 year old brain assumes 
the idiotic poppycock they told us is also true and it gets ingrained into your brain for life.

If they waited until you were old enough to drive a car to try to sell you this wild story, you'd laugh 
at the stupidity of it and they know this so they get their hooks into you before you can think properly.

I heard someone say there are 85,000 religions. Maybe you'd say 84,999 of them aren't the 
"real" religion, but I say it's all a bunch of hooey designed to seperate you from your money..

Religion is everybody's excuse.

Sunni has to kill Shia because their religion said so.
Shiai has to kill Sunni because their religion said so.
(They give up their lives willingly for the 72 virgins - how insane is that?
 Is that any crazier than eternal life in Heaven?)

Jerry Falwell hated gays because his religion said so.
Jews would rather watch their kids die than leave their precious, Sacred Sand - pure insanity.
If you take away religion, you take away their excuse to hate and kill each other.

If one is superstitious, they can always get a rabbit's foot.
The rabbit's foot won't insist that you kill people who don't have a rabbit's foot.

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