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Subject: Bart & John Edwards

Bart, you wrote:

> I like/liked Edwards, I could've/would've voted for him, but how did he get so screwed?

Yeah, I think I remember you mentioning that once, or maybe even twice.
But you mention Hillary about a hundred times in every issue.

I disagree.
I've never written an "I Love Hillary" piece, but I do respond to silly-ass,
Rush-like attacks on our Democratic front-runner, and maybe you should, too.

If Obama ever came under attack I would defend him,
but he's been given a free ride so everyone can write "Hillary the Murderer" stories.

For quite some time now, your page has been pretty much all Hillary, all the time.

If that's true it's because the entire political discussion is about the bitch, witch, c__t Hillary.
What balls can I swing at besides those thrown at me?

If you want to know why Edwards was ignored, why don't you ask yourself?

You think Ol' Bart knocked Edwards out of the race?

For that matter, I'm asking: Bart, why are you so obsessed with Hillary that you joined
the corporate media in ignoring Edwards, who at least talks like a progressive populist?

I realize you're excited right now, but you really need to blame the voters.
All of Carolina could've voted for Edwards, they chose other options.

If you like him and would've voted for him,don't you think that maybe you should
have tried to use whatever influence you might have with your readers to actually
have supported him, instead of aspiring to be Hillary's number one fan.

I can't convince my readers that Hillary is a Democrat.
How'm I going to move them off their Obama vote?

I could be wrong and hope I am, but as I see it, Hillary is our worst chance.
She divides Dems and unites the Rethugs.

Actually, Democrats are choosing to be divided.
We don't just want to win in November, we want to win with a pony.
We could have it all, but we want more than all - we want a pony,
and if we can't have our pony, we'd rather McCain take everything.

Hmmm, ...seems like we've talked about this once or twice before.

I'm extremely dissapointed to see Edwards bow out, but I'll get over it
and support the nominee, whoever S/he may be. I hope that you can
get over Hillary and do the same if Obama takes it.
 Drew from CT

I fully intend to comply with the terms of the truce. But if Hillary loses,
I hope it's not because Obama and his BFFs in the whore media made
them out to be the Supreme Dragons of the Ku Klux Klan.

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