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Subject: Bartcop on Facebook

Hey Bart,

I know you have asked before 'what can i do to drive more eyes to my site?'

Well, one thing that Greg Palast has done is to start a Facebook, MySpace, flickr, 
and podcast link from his site. When he posts an article on his site, a copy goes to 
facebook (and i'd assume myspace, etc as well).

I found your facebook site, but haven't been able to see it yet (just sent a join request).  
Maybe you could change your privacy settings on facebook so that you don't have to 
be a friend to see the site (friend of friend?)

I did not know that was the case.

If you're already doing updates there the same as at, well, you're waaay ahead of me. 
If not, maybe you could copy/paste the page, or an article with a 'read more' link back to 
I know it would be a lot more work - maybe there is some software that will take a html page and post it 
to a facebook account automatically?  I've only been using facebook for a few months now, so i'm 
not sure - maybe you could ask on your page to see if anyone has more experience?

I definately think you should have a link to your facebook account from your main page,
and if you don't have a myspace account make one of those and link that too.  
Take a look at Greg Palast's site for how he has his links setup.

Perhaps you could edit a "quick" or "best of" Bartcop Radio for a podcast or youtube upload?  
I think it would be a riot to have your radio show on youtube - even if the video portion is just 
images comics or bullet points rather than having you be on camera all the time.

The more you can work your way into these socal networks, the more traffic you should see.  
At least, thats my theory. 

Keep swinging the big hammer!

Leo, those sound like good ideas, but I'd need a lot of help doing that. 
It would be great if someone posted text, toon and radio "Bartcop Best Ofs" 
on Facebook, but I can't do it

Time is my biggest enemy - there's no way I can keep up with things as it is.

If we were bigger I could hire someone, but we're not there, yet.

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