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Subject: Bush & Powell

Dear Bart, generally I like your stuff. 
Here's some problem I had with your Monkey mail response.

>Wow.  Dude, you just lost me.
>That is the most fucked up thing I have ever heard you say and I let a lot of your bullshit fly
> because you gotta pay the bills and go all controversial.  Bush's House Nigger????.....

I totally agree. Your thing with Tiger Woods is weird, too.

No, my "thing" with Tiger Woods is my opinion of a severly-overhyped golfer..
If you think that's based on skin color, you're wrong.

You need to keep your racist shit to yourself.

You sure you want to make that accusation?
You might want to know what the fuck you're talking about before you make a big mistake.

I know you are from OK and a lot of you people are holed up and scared to death of black people.

I will attempt to hold my tongue because I realize your wild-ass accusations are coming from 
a place of stupidity and ignorance. I'll try to remember that as I straighten you out.

You could have said anything else though and not alienated a bunch of readers.

I can't say "good morning" without alienating a bunch of readers.

>Which part of that do you not like?  Are you saying Powell fought bravely
>and told Massa Bush, "No, I won't help you kill thousands of good soldiers?"
>Or are you saying I should show more respect for the thieves who got 3800 soldiers killed?
>Or should I have candy-coated my words, and called Powell "The House Negro?"
>That's not what Bush calls him.

--Here's the part of it I don't like: You used the word "nigger."

Well so did you.
Why do you hate our black brothers and sisters?
How long have you been a racist? 
You didn't say what state you're from but I guess a lot of you people 
are holed up and scared to death of black people, am I right? 

That's what Bush calls him?  So why should you of all people want to be like Bush?

I don't want to be like Bush - another wrong assumption on your part.
My job is mocking and belittling the racist monkeys.

> Way to alienate yourself Bart~!
> You now represent .9 percent of America.
> Mark in Waco 

Mark is probably over-reaching here, but still, you have to chill out sometimes.
You really are alienating - not yourself, but people from you.

I write without a lot of filters, that's the beauty of the Internet.
If I worked for The Man, my editor would've made me change what I wrote,
but I liked it the way it was written  That's why I published it that way. 

>You mean I'm not universally loved?
> How will I go on? 

 This tough buy stuff, it's pretty transparent.

Not sure what that might mean.
I can't please everyone so I write the straight truth from my heart.

I think you know you were wrong to use that word.

Don't you mean WE were wrong to use that word?

>BTW, you were the only one who wrote to say he was offended.

Not anymore,

OK, so there are two of you, but I'll have you know I had over a dozen hits yesterday.

Look, I'm going to write what I want to write.
If I make a mistake, like when I got Frank Rich mixed up with someone else,
I'll admit I was wrong, but please don't explain to me what's "proper."

You seem to think I fell off the turnip truck this morning, and you're going to save me 
while explaining the ins-and-outs of the political game that I'm not able to grasp.

Your mindset seems to be that anyone who uses that word is racist.
Want to bet I can compile a list of 100 names of performers, comedians, writers,
producers, directors, cartoonists etc who have used that word who aren't racists?
That's a loser bet for you.

You should point your rage at the people who are causing the race problems,
not at those who are pointing out that race problems exist.

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