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Subject: Bart runs and hides  

Bart, you wrote:

> "Too bad America doesn't have a free (bartcop) press (website) that wants to pursue the truth".
You Sir, are a pussy.

I look forward to seeing you make your case.
I throw down the gauntlet and you run and hide.
I try to provoke you and.... silence.
Sure, you can beat up on the "monkeys" with the 63 IQ
but you meet someone with a 65 IQ and you are a house of cards.

What gauntlet?
Are you one of those people who believe that if you sent me an e-mail,
I'll read it for sure and then had to run and hide because I can't handle the truth?

I really don't mean this in contempt nor with derision.

ha ha
Why would I take you calling me a pussy personally?

I have been visiting for more than a decade and I AM behind the "Hammer".
I identify with the "Okies" whether you do or not.

I've only lived here 34 years so I guess you've got me.

In the "Grapes of Wrath"  it was the bankers. And so it is today. This was and is all being engineered.
There are too many people sleeping under bridges is that part of the plan?

<>You mean Bart's Master Plan to Control the Universe?
In our last installment, Gentle Reader, I misspoke. I did not mean "Ong's Hat" but "Occam's Razor",
You keep wondering why Obama is asleep but the answer is: he is not asleep.
He is (and does) exactly what he is supposed to be (and do).
You and I know that it is all fucked up but you seem unable to look behind the facade.

So, I'm a scared pussy who's blind?
Good thing we're not in an insult contest.
C'mon talk to me Bart. Let's have a dialogue a cut above two simians tossing fecal matter!
I am not asking a lot. Maintaining a website must be time consuming.
I only ask a few minutes of your time. You, Sir, have an active mind.

I assume alcohol helped you write this?
I noted with irony that my last email to you was on "Monkey Day"
December 14th, a fitting synchronicity don't you think?.

That was the date I was too scared to answer your e-mail?
I am a little dissapointed that you did not seem to like "The Atheist Hymn"

I'm not aware of that and I'm running late today.
It is late and I can hardly type.

That, and the alcohol... :)
Here is an interesting question.
Doesn't the fact the there are are beautiful women mean
that God loves us and wants us to be happy? Just saying.
 I will see you, figuratively, on your site tomorrow .

I hope the throbbing in your head isn't too painful.


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