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Subject: Bart, I think you sold out

The biggest thing that bothers me about this whole election season is this:

The Republicans nominated McCain to be the Presidential Nominee for this year.  If these were a real politicians that believed in what the Americans really wanted, he would be pretty much unelectable. After 7.6 years of this disgraceful, thieving, manipulating, conniving, lying, criminal, America destroying administration, why would the Republicans want someone who has backed this administration through most of his actions? 

For 7 years we have heard about Osama killing fellow Americans because he hates us because of our freedoms.  So our party goes out and crafts a man that can rise above the rank and *poof* we have an Obama on our hands.  Now, Americans are known not to pay attention to detail much (putting it lightly) and so when the Republicans do the Freudian slips and calls OUR nominee Osama and then talks about terrorism in the next breath what do you think that a lot of people are going to be thinking?

This looks like a political set up to be honest.  We have a man who actually should be in a retirement village but instead has supported the destruction of America running against a man who has no foreign diplomacy experience, has only sponsored 2 bills since he has been elected, supported a church for over 20 years that thinks that the white people are the reincarnate of the devil himself. Seriously, is this the best that America can do? 

Then I have people telling me that I should vote for Obama.  I went to the and looked at how his voting record is and I can't tell what he stands for because he has so many NV's by his name. It used to be, in my day, if you talked the talk then you better walk the walk but things are so different. Obama has yet to tell me where the money is going to come from for all of these big CHANGES that he wants.  I can't afford any more taxes.  I am financially strapped to the point where this insanity has to stop and yet where are the people that I went door to door for, gave money to help get them elected and voted for?  Obama has not told me how he is going to take back MY country from the corporate people that McCain and his people sold us out to.

I want my next president to love our country because I believe that this is the greatest country in the world. I do not want a president who sells my country to the highest bidder but will appreciate the working class and poor people as much as they appreciate the oil that they are stealing from Iraq.  I do not get the feeling of patriotism from Obama.  All I get from his people are that since I am raising questions about him then I must be racist.  I am not a racist but I am leery of politicians and those who try to push their candidate on me. I am tired of politicians telling me how to think, act, vote and how I am suppose to live my life.  I am tired of not having constitutional rights.  How is Obama going to give me back ALL of my constitutional rights that McCain's people stole from the Americans?

I am long winded today but Bart I do think you sold out. Do not just accept what a candidate says because he "represents" the Democrats.
I understand your position but I do not believe that Obama is the best candidate to run our country.  

Akron, Ohio

Tammy, my opinion is that you should base your vote more on the facts than your feelings.
If Obama is our nominee, a vote for any other candidate helps McCain, Bush.and Cheney.

Please don't vote for four more years of those Bush bastards.
You said, "I am tired of not having constitutional rights. "
Voting for four more years of those Bush bastards will only make things worse.

We can't afford to wait for a perfect candidate.

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