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Subject: MM You Liberal wakjob!

Haha Bart.

It must be tuf being a jew. 

It is - we Jews have to put up with so much...

You must be tormmmented having a black person as your leader as all jews hate blacks. 

Koresh knows I hate those Blacks.
The only good one is Tiger Woods.

But all of that Commie money must be too much for your jewness to resist. 

My jewness has been thru worse.
That Commie money is the only thing keeping my jew ass afloat.

So you take it to run your website and you ask for MORE money as too mush ain't enough. 
That's how you jews roll, right? 

ha ha
You put your finger right on it.

How is you jews can kill the arabs but still give them money 
to support your qwest for a one world govermment?

We jews stick together and obey our jew bosses.

I guess you just plan to kill them at the end, kinda a reverse final solution? 

Arabs and Blacks - always getting in my way.
My jew friends like Vulcan ovens, I'm a Blodgett man, myself.

Clever, but you jews are known for that. 
Why dont you take your diamonds and motzo balls and go back to isreal? 

I love that sacred sand that God gave us - can't believe I left "isreal" to move to Oklahoma.

Yes, that's right. I'm on to you jews. 
You all got diamonds mines and have all the diamnods, that why you got all the money. 

Yet I ask strangers to send me more because my diamnods aren't enough..
We jews just can't get enough, I guess.
Could you send me a little?  
Not much, maybe $1,000 or so?

Keeping the balck man down so you can get your dirty commie jew hands on more money! 
Your readers deserve to know who the real bart is. 

I hate those Balcks but I can exploit them and make more diamnods money.

When was your "bart-mitzva" huh? Yeah, that's right.    
 phil in philly

We had a Tequilafest in Vegas a few years ago - does that count?

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