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Subject: The Republicanization of Bart

(Lesson 1: Parsing) "Why are white voters staying away?". 
Answer: "I don't know, Bart. That 75,000 rally in Oregon had to be bussed in from Canada!" 

John, I want you to understand something.
*I* didn't conduct a survey that proved white voters are losing/have lost faith in Obama.
But I keep seeing reports that white people are rejecting him.

It seems we have two choices:.
- We can investigate and see if whites have lost faith, and if so, why?
- We can close our eyes to the facts and the evidence and pray for victory.

When I'm faced with an important decision, I tend to rely on science and logic.
Are you saying blind faith and prayer are two things that work for you?

Let's say there were 75,000 white people in Oregon.  Let's say that's a fact.

Would you admit it's a fact that She beat him by 41 in WV and 35 in Kentucky?
(By the way, Kentucky has more electoral votes than Oregon.)
You seem to think recognizing facts and asking questions are Republican traits.

This is how low you've sunk-you've accepted the Republican mantra. 
"The end justifies the means". 

Recognizing facts and asking questions is playing dirty?
Recognizing facts and asking questions is proof of how low I've sunk?
Recognizing facts and asking questions is accepting the Republican mantra?
Recognizing facts and asking questions is "The end justifies the means?" 

It seems we live in different worlds.

She's lost, (absent a last-second sliming), but neither she nor you can accept it. 

If she's lost, why can't you accept victory and calm down?

We already have a stubborn jackass in the White House. We don't need another one.
 John F

 In your world, is name-calling an effective way to score points in a debate?

 Is it possible you are scared and you'd feel better if I closed my eyes and prayed, too?

 How do you just ignore 41 and 35 point super-landslides?
 Do you just tell yourself, "That didn't really happen?" and go about your day?

 I think my point of view is more realistic than yours, and you think your point of view
 is more realistic than mine - but why do you and I have to be enemies over that?

 If you like Ford and I like Chevy, is that "more proof that I've sunk to Republican levels?"
 Or are we just two friends who disagree about cars?

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