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Subject: Bartcop: GOP operative


It's official, you're a GOP plant bent on trying to get Democrats to either 
not vote for Obama or not vote at all. How else can you explain a relentless 
Fox News-like drumbeat of Obama-bashing? 

How do you explain beating up your mother?

FOX News is in the lying-whore news business.
I tell the truth with humor - there's a difference.

Today, a new poll shows Obama taking a nine-point lead over McSame, which is a 12-point swing. 
But, of course, you go right on with your worn out storylines about how the Democrats won't fight. 

I mentioned that on yesterday's page - did you learn reading comprehension from nuns?
And, in my opinion, Obama has run a lackluster campaign where he expected victory to be 
handed to him by the press like it was during the primaries, but the good news is his opponent 
just committed a Titanic-sized blunder and I'd have to say this race is now Obama's to lose.

No wonder you're losing readers and listeners, nobody wants to hear your crap as we are 
on the verge of regaining control of the House, Senate AND presidency for the first time in 14 years.

Hits are up - quite a bit.
Seems there's a whif of "Maybe Bart was right all along" in the air.

No thanks to you. 

You sure about that?

The readers you have left like to think you're joking when you say you have an IQ of 89. 
Obviously, you're not.
 Brian in Port Charlotte, Fla.

My IQ is actually 64 but I'm still the smartest man in Oklahoma.

Lucky for you, I still have that Jimmy Page solo stuck in my head. 
That puts me in a good mood and it saves you from being rhetorically disemboweled. 

It appears we (and Obama) were given a great gift yesterday.
Funny that would put you in such a foul mood.

Doc Bart hereby prescribes some of God's flowers for you.

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