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Subject: Bartcop Radio critic

Mr. Bart:

Before I begin, I want to make it quite clear that with my criticism I am not attacking you personally.
I worry about this. Not that I think you’re thin-skinned; far from it. It’s just that so many people
e-mail you and come out swinging without even the slightest bit of courtesy. So, as I pull my forelock,
apologizing before I even begin. …

BCR 165

1. I thought the intro went on a bit too long, and dealt with things—Charlie Sheene, Cowboy and cocaine
—I just cannot care sufficiently about. The reason I read, and listen to your radio shows,
is for your political views. My suggestion would be to stick a bit closer to that.

I know—your page does on occasion comment on television shows, music, etc.
But on the radio show, it seems to be too much.

Your Southwest Airlines problem: If you want to go to Las Vegas, fook me, go. I don’t care.
Vancouver’s a good destination. Portland would be good, too.

Note: We had five free trips on Southwest Airlines. I'm not sure why, but they e-mailed me
that Mrs Bart had achieved "companion" status which means she flies FREE until January 2012
if I'm on the plane - so we now have TEN free trips for two  - but damn little money. 

I said the logical thing would be to go to Vegas, since they're offering FINE hotel rooms for
as little as $30 but my donations, thin as they are, would wither to nothing if people thought
I was spending time in Vegas because liberals, for some damn reason, f-ing HATE Vegas.

The last three times I played poker in Vegas, I made $275, $425 and $165 which more than
paid for our rooms, but if I get caught in Vegas - it could put me out of business.

2. Once you get to Palin and Reagan, you are hitting your stride. I like it. Jesus wept, she’s stupid.

3. Liked your remarks about Cairo/Mubarak as well. It’s vintage bartcop.
Sounds sort of like you’re winging it, and that’s cool. You do it well.

It sounds like I'm winging it because I am.
Nothing is prepared up-front, it's all live radio because there's no time to rehearse or practice.

4. The Toyota segment was excellent. Well done. Unintended acceleration is bullshit. Car & Driver
tested this when the Audi unintended acceleration thing happened. With the majority of cars you and
I can buy (I can’t speak to Bugatti’s Veyron, among others), the driver can press the accelerator to
the floor, and if the driver presses on the brake pedal, the vehicle will slow down. Period.
The brakes are more powerful than the engine.

5. Personally, I enjoyed the Bill Maher segment. Someone else might think it went on too long. Personal choice.

Since Jon Stewart has taken his lurch to the right,
I say Bill Maher wears the crown as Top Funny Democrat.

6. I really like the interplay between you and Cory. That’s good, entertaining. He does seem to talk
a bit too much, but I say that because I like your voice, your speech patterns and the way you explain things.

7. A damn good question: Did Obama never, ever get his ass kicked growing up in Chicago?

6. Obama’s all about nice: You got that right. When will he grow a spine?

8. Gun laws—Yeah, extra stupid.

9. Good analogy of the state as the angry teen-ager and the federal government as the parents. It’s true.

10. Christ on toast points—Bush being a Texan. Yes, why didn’t anyone call him on that shit?
And the 700 agents. … who searched Arkansas looking for trailer tramps with sex claims against Clinton
when they could've been searching for bin Laden, but noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

...and the Democrats never even bring that up, the pussies.

It's VERY possible that those 700 agents could've prevented 9-11
but Clinton had to be brought down - any ANY cost.

Now you’re getting pissed. I like it. A lot.

11. Liked the Jon Stewart segment as well. It’s not that I don’t like what you have to say.
But I like Maher and Stewart, and I think it helps you to pick those segments that support you and are entertaining.

Nobody wants to hear my rat-like voice for 80 straight minutes.

 12. BCR 166 rape rant: Now that’s what I am talking about. This is Bart, angry, full of off-pissment, and in full cry.
That’s what I like. You’ve said it’s hard to be angry 24/7. Actually, it’s not. There’s plenty out there to be
magnificently furious about every goddamn day. Yes, it is tiring. But you do it really well.

Mr. Bart, I don’t think you’re only doing your radio shows for three or four people.
I can pretty much guarantee you people are just too fookin’ lazy to do the right thing,
which is provide you with feedback.

Not that I think I’m all hot shit for giving you feedback. Generally, I’m as full as a Xmas turkey.

Back to number 5: All of my criticisms, and praise, have to do with my personal preferences.
I’ve tried to be objective, but that’s a mighty hard dollar. For this to have any meaning to you,
you have to know I’m commenting from my personal likes/dislikes.

If I had a suggestion, I’d say be even harsher, meaner. Yeah, it could become too strident, too harsh,
but I believe you can manage that balance. The motherfuckers who deserve your ire and rage really
fookin’ deserve it. I like it when you get really pissed off on your page. I like it on your radio show, too.

Sorry to take so long to get back to you on this. I just wanted to listen to your show a few times
and—I hope—give you some decent feedback, rather than shoot from the hip.

Thanks for the chance to listen.

Charles, thanks for that.
I've never gotten feedback like you've given me today - it helps a lot.

One other thing - my anger is not manufactured.
I got pretty angry in that anti-rape rant because I can't fucking believe in 2011 that
men on cruise ships have the "right" to rape any woman they want without consequences.

Also, I've never even heard the topic discussed before - why is rape legal on ships?



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