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Subject: your computer repair questions
You're not getting any computer business because II dont think people want to
go through the hassle of  getting a computer > packed for shipping...then spending
he $$$ to ship it and then have to wait to get the comp back ... when there are
400 people within a 5 mile radius of where they live that can fix computers.
  The Pizza Chef

Pizza Chef, you may have just helped a lot!

No, you don't have to pack up the computer and ship it to us.
We come to you - like magic - thru the Internet.

If you write with a problem at 4 PM, there's a good chance your computer
will be fixed and updated and virus-free by 5 PM.

No packing, no shipping, no waiting and we'll do you right.
And those 400 techs within a 5 mile radius?

You can get FIVE fixes from us for $299.  I'll bet those poor Geek Squad techs
are newbies making minimum wage and Best Buy is keeping all that extra money.

Seriously, thanks.

What I wrote made perfect sense to me - it always does :)
But I may have been totally unclear as to what I was selling.

We're in the magic-selling bidness!

I don't guess I owe you an apology for my Repair Business excitement
but maybe an explanation would help:

When I find a technician who actually knows what he's doing,
to me that's like finding some sweet Bixby corn off-season.

And the idea that he can repair my computer from his home?
To me, that's like finding a local liquor store selling Chinaco Anejo for $32.

And knowing that this tech comes with an old friend's personal guarantee,
well, that's downright wood-inducing, so please forgive my excited exuberance.

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