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Another new Bart-business?  w/ update at bottom

I'm attempting to become an affiliate for...

I've only had my Volcano since Friday but I can tell you - it's life-changing.

Remember I told you I had a "train doctor?"
That's Bart-speak for a Pulmunologist - a lung doctor.

This Volcano is really helping turn my lungs pink again  :)

Besides that, this Volcano really works.
Remember my recent rants about, "Why can't America build something that works?"

This really, really works.
It's kinda expensive, but I expect it to pay for itself in no time at all.
I was so impressed, I've asked to join their team.

I've had a Vapor Brothers Vaporizer for 3 years, it never did anything, really.
The Vapor Brothers semi-kinda-sorta works, but this Volcano kicks major ass.

I got the Volcano Classic with the Easy Valve and I'm damn impressed.
This Volcano works like a multiplier, if you know what I mean.
It can turn Ted Nugent into Jimmy Page, if you know what I mean.
That's why it'll pay for itself faster than you can say "Bush is a war criminal."

Plus, the music is different and better than the music you hear now.

Since my Vapor Brothers kinda-sorta works, I was hesitant to pay the big bucks
for this Volcano, but a reader sent me a large gift and said,  "You can go to Vegas
with this if you want, but I recommend you buy a Volcano" and I'm glad I did.

If you're thinking about buying one - wait one or two more days.
I might be approved as a retailer as quick as this week.

Do YOU already have a Volcano?
If so, I'd sure like to hear from you.

Send e-mail to Bart

Never smoke again.
A delivery system that works by fire is so yesterday.

This is a world and a future that I never knew existed - and I love it.
The old world sucks - the new Volcano World is awesome.

Seriously, I had some old music that I'd been listening to for over a YEAR.
Suddenly, that old tired music was rocking like crazy!

Let's say smoking is a ten on the scale.
The Volcano Vaporizer is maybe 25 on that same scale.
PLUS, they give you a two or three year warranty, depending on the model.

You're losing money and fun every day you're stuck using dirty, smelly, dangerous fire.

Fuck fire - you need a Volcano.

Why listen to Ted Nugent when you can hear Page, or Hendrix?


After we went to press, they called and said it might be
30-60 days before the Bartcop paperwork goes thru.

If you can wait till them to get back to me before you order, great.
But if not, ask for Sales Mgr. Lisa and tell her "Bartcop sent me."

Oh, and they tell me The Volcano Vaporizer is made in Germany.
Maybe that's why it works so well  :)


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