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Time to stop singing "God Bless America" at baseball games

How stupid - how unprofessional - how revealing of America's religious insanity.
Why the hell are we stopping baseball games to ask the non-existent Invisible Cloud Being for protection?

Sure, after 9-11 we were jumpy and maybe it made the weak-minded people feel better
but that was almost ten years ago - why are we still wetting our pants and cringing in fear?

If if you say it has value, then why don't we sing some stupid song EVERY INNING?
How dare these men play baseball without stopping to pray to a cloud dweller EVERY INNING?

It's the same for that idiotic "In God We Trust" on our money - why are we so scared?
Same for "One Nation, Under God," says f-ing who?  Not our Founding fathers.

America is made up of scared little people with small minds who can't get thru the day
without asking the Guardian Angel who sits on their shoulder for f-ing help.

Christ, are we all seven years old?

How does God assign an angel to each of the seven billion people on this crowded planet?
I can hear them now:  "But Bart, the angels saved those Chilean miners."
Oh, really, so why did the angels fail those West Virginia miners?

Truth is, "God" caused that mine to crumble and trap them in the first place,
but the angels get credit for protecting them?  From God's wrath?
It's all bullshit and it has turned America into a worldwide laughing stock.
The nation that went to the moon and back is now so religiously insane, our schools
are teaching that Jesus rode dinsaurs to temple and the Grand Canyon was dug in 1910.

Evolution?  It's a theory, like gravity.

The people at those ball games COULD pray silently if they needed their angels's help,
but that's not the point - the point is FORCING others to say our prayers.

That's not religious freedom, that's religious stupidity.
If you can't pray without a crowd praying with you, you're pitiful and hopeless.

Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin - this is our future
because we allow the religiously insane to call the tune and I'm sooo sick of it.

When will the liberals re-take control from the loonies out there?


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