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Subject: blockading Iran 

I donít think youíre an idiot, Bart, but I do have to disagree with you about the whole Iran thing.

I look forward to a civil discussion.

First off, stating that Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons falls into one of your favorite categories,
ďAssuming facts not in evidence.Ē 

I think you're wrong.
Didn't Iran recently brag that they had almost 1000 centrifuges coming online??
I don't think that's to generate electricity. 

It is true that Israel, the White House, the British PM, Joe Lieberman, etc. believe that Iran is trying to 
develop a bomb, but the IAEA thinks it isnít happening.   Israel, the White House, the British PM, Lieberman, etc. 
have lied to me in the past to start stupid wars. (Okay, maybe the White House had a different occupant when the 
lies about Iraq were told, but you get the idea: Presidential candidates may be anti-war, but sitting Presidents are 
mostly pro-war. It has something to do with the Military Industrial Complex and making lots of money, I reckon.) 

In some cases, hopefully this one, the decision was made strictly on the evidence.
If Obama was a greedy oil man paying back his backers while gouging us to get super-rich,
your point would be better received.

The IAEA hasnít lied to me to start a stupid war. So, maybe thatís why some lefties take exception to your 
getting all excited about a nuclear armed Iranóyou have assumed facts not in evidence by believing people 
who have a vested interest in more war, and that is not what Bartcoppism is all about.

Just guessing, you're not a big fan of Israel, are you?
You haven't used the word "Zionist" yet, so I can't be sure but I'm guessing you'd be willing to bet Israel
that Iran can't come up with a nuke anytime soon. Would you think the same if their missles could reach the US? 

Second, blockading any country is an act of war. And do you think Iran would just sit there and take it 
if we commit an act of war against them? Iranís allies and business partners, Russia and China, would think that 
our crushing their business partner was a swell idea? Not too likely, Bart. 

Remember The Godfather?

Tom Hagen: Some of the other families won't sit still for all-out war! 

Sonny: Then they hand me Sollozzo! 

Before you tell me, "But Bart, that's a movie and this is real life!" the principle is the same.
If Russia and China want Iran kept safe, they protect them now and broker a deal.

So Iran doesnít have to develop nuclear weapons for another senseless war to start up in the Middle East. 

I have no idea what that was supposed to mean.
Of course Iran doesn't have to develope nukes, but how else can they threaten Israel?

All that has to happen is for us to do what you suggest. 

Nancy, how can you be so sure?
You're either a 3 or a 4, I can't tell which.

3 Iran would not use a nuke on Israel if they had one.
4 Iran has no chance of buying/building nukes in the near future

Even if you're right, do you get that Israel won't be stopped from defending themselves, even by us?
Move past the "right and wrong" and assess the facts. Israel is holding a nuclear dead man switch
which means if they get hit, they're launching everything.

You can say, "That's not right," but the facts are the facts.

For the world's sake, we need to keep Israel from being attacked.

Some of the zanier people in the ďWe have to stop Iran from getting the bomb!Ē crowd think that 
we should nuke them before they nuke us, thereby guaranteeing a nuclear war over the Middle East.

Nuclear war is coming, nothing can possibly stop it.
It might happen in 6 months or in sixty years but someday even Yemen will have nukes - get what I mean?
I think delaying that day is an excellent idea.

So, Iran isnít necessarily building a bomb, but lots of folks are screaming about an Iranian bomb and how we have to 
do something right now to stop it. These screamers are even willing to start a war to make sure that Iran doesnít get a bomb. 

Forgive me, but I can just tell that you're either pro-Iran or anti-Israel.
I am neither, so I think I'm seeing this situation more clearly than you can.

Food for thought:
Not every military action is "being just like Cheney."
The Neocons have given pre-emptive strikes a bad name :)

Ironically, if Iran did have a bomb a lot of these screamers would
think twice before committing an act of war.  Isnít life strange?

That's exactly why they're building a bomb. And that's why they should be disarmed now at a cost of 
maybe 100 American lives instead of later at a cost of maybe 40M Iranian lives and 10M Israeli lives.

Are choices aren't Neville Chamberlain or John Wayne.
There are lots of shades of gray we can work with. 

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