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'Batman' Breaking More Records


"The Dark Knight" continues to set box office records, grossing $300 million in just 10 days.

Warner Bros. says the epic Batman saga grossed $75.6 million in its second weekend in theaters, 
pushing its domestic total to $314,000,000.

"The Caped Crusader scales new heights - and yes, Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar."
   -- Geoff Berkshire, Chicago Tribune

"Christopher Nolan's powerful, disturbing Batman sequel is fueled 
  by Heath Ledger's indelible Joker." 
   -- Kenneth Turan, LA Times

"...a pulp epic with mythic overtones..." 
  -- Sean Axmaker, Seattle Post

"I can only speak superlatives of Ledger, who is mad-crazy-blazing brilliant as the Joker. 
Ledger takes the role to the shadows.... No plastic mask for Ledger; his face is caked with 
moldy makeup that highlights the red scar of a grin and the yellowing teeth of a hound fresh 
out of hell, where a knife is preferable to a gun, the better to "savor the moment." 
  -- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

I liked it.
Heath Ledger was as good as they say.

Yes, it was a little long and the plot wasn't air-tight. I don't know why they always have
Batman fighting multiple villains - doesn't that detract from the Joker's bas-assed-nessed
if they gotta worry about the other "villian," too?  But still, it was very exciting.

Maggie  Gyllenhaal is a good actress, but hottie-wise, she's no Katie Holmes.
Shouldn't they add a little most lust for a "popcorn movie" like The Dark Knight?

I liked that new Bat-Cycle, the one with the fat tires.

When I see a film like this, I wonder why other directors suck so much.
More than doing everything right, this director just failed to screw things up.

In 1993 I took my first ride in my boss's new Lexus he'd been bragging about..
I thought it seemed OK, nothing too special, until the ride was over and I got 
back in my piece of shit Pontiac - THEN I realized how great that Lexus ride was.

The Dark Knight was like that for me - it left me wondering - other directors and actors 
claim they're in show business, so why can't they make as good a movie as this one?

And how can inept losers like Will Farrel and Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler show their
faces on the streets of Hollywood after seeing a movie as good as The Dark Knight
It's like Farrel, Stiller and Sandler dismiss their audiences as tasteless fools who will 
accept any lazy-ass, unfunny and poorly-written shit they give them.

As far as I know, there wasn't one dog-bit-my penis joke in this whole movie!

And I don't think Maggie Gyllenhaal found any bat-semen in her hair.

I also didn't notice any fart jokes - was this an American made movie?

We can add Leno and Letterman to the whore-laziness of Farrel, Stiller and Sandler.
They're like Halliburton and KBR - they get paid hundreds of millions of dollars
and they don't even have to be funny - they just have to show up and fake it.

So a shot of Chinaco for director Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and Heath Ledger
for giving us a new kind of movie - a movie for people who appreciate great work..

They could've been lazy, drunk-ass punks with no respect for their audience.
Instead, they worked hard and used their brains and gave us a good/great product.

In 2008, that's rare.

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