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Subject: Batman review

Batman was a great big screen summer movie, and Ledger's Joker performance was unforgettable. 
But overall the movie didn't live up to the huge hype. The dialogue was forced in places, too predictable in others. 

The movie moves fast, but also lacks continuity -- too much "how did THAT happen?" -- probably 
from cutting 30 to 40 minutes to get it under 3 hours. The supporting cast does an admirable job, too. 

But I honestly don' t like Bale as Batman and that phony modulated voice he uses when his suit is on. 
Ledger used three or four distinct nuanced voices for the Joker.   Bale pulls off one for Bruce and 
needs help with his Bat Voice.
I say go see it. But don't expect the movie of the century. 
For this summer blockbusters, I still like Ironman as an overall better movie. 
Look for the Bush wiretap reference!
 Dave in Scranton

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