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Subject: Another Dark Knight review


It was a grim two and a half hours, but for this long time BatFan, it just kept hammering its points home.

Tiny Lister threw the detonator overboard, proving that "the right thing" is obvious to everyone 
and that we should still be prepared to die to prove it, even if we are the bad guys and know it. 
This scene is the one that keeps coming back to me.

Ledger's performance is legend. 
It rivals Pacino's in the Godfather films and Brando's in Waterfront

He owned every second he was on the screen and left the audience aching for more. And special thanks 
to the writers who gave him great lines. "That which doesn't kill you, makes you stranger." 
The Joker was a very bitter man out to punish a world he was convinced was as evil as he was.

 Amen to the writers and director for pointing out that putting all our hope in the character of one man, 
Harvey Dent, is only as good as that one man. We need every public servant living up to a society of laws.

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