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Subject: Batman review

Hey Bart,

Saw the movie -- it was amazing, but I have a different story for you.  You'll appreciate this.

So we are out here in Provincetown, Mass, for a summer holiday.  
The Dark Knight is playing in the P-Town movie house -- which is about the size of 
a celebrity's home theater.  It has maybe seventy seats, max.

We go in a group of six, get there early, and still have to split up because it is such a small space 
and that's the way the cookie crumbles.  Just before the show is about to start, this guy comes in 
and he's going around inquiring about open seats.  There is nothing left, at this point, but singles.  
He is making a big to-do about needing two seats together for himself and his husband.  

Finally, a guy two seats down from us offers to move, since e is a single.  He's a big guy, and, 
its a small theater, so practically the whole front of the theater has to shuffle about to facilitate the move.

I'm thinking, "god, what a prima-donna", couldn't they just suck it up and sit apart for a couple hours?  
In my midwestern-raised mind, that is just the price you pay for showing up late.

At this point, one of my buddies in front of me turns back and says, 
"Do you know who Andrew Sullivan is"?

Well, I start in to my tirade about what a bitter old queen / Bush-loving asshole he is 
and my buddy gets this horrified look on his face and mouths, "That's him", pointing 
discreetly at the guy who came in late and moved everyone around -- who is now 
sitting two seats in front of me, clearly within earshot.


And then the woman sitting next to me leans over and whispers in my ear, 
"I couldn't agree with you more.  People like him should be publicly shamed 
for supporting that asshole (Bush), not allowed out in public with the rest of us."
And then the movie started.

Anyway, though you would get a kick out of that one.  
Have a great week.

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