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Subject: battle tested bullshit

Hey Bart, can you tell me why Clinton's defeats of Rick Lazio and John Spencer,
two NY GOP nobodies translates into Clinton being battle tested?

The N.Y. Republican Party couldn't find decent candidates after Rudy
pulled out  and didn't want her to run uncontested.

They knew they were lambs being sent to slaughter.
This battle tested line is bullshit.

Mary, you might have a point.
Obama ran up tens of millions of dollars in handjob legal fees in the last 16 years.

No, no, wait - that was the Clintons.

Meanwhile, Obama faced Alan Keyes once, and he was a replacement
for the Republican husband of Star Trek's Seven-of-Nine

...who had to withdraw from the race against the new guy
because she revealed that he forced her to go to sex clubs with him.

You really think those two "warriors" have equal experience?

And the reason they couldn't find anybody in the entire state of New York
to run against Hillary is because everybody knew she'd kick their ass hard.

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