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Subject: Benny the Rat vs the rest of the Church

"Bart, is this really necessary?
Why are you always picking on The Church, Bart?"

You get this reaction because you don't make it sufficiently clear that your beef
is with the autocratic, grossly undemocratic, paranoid-delusional Vatican hierarchy
that rules, or tries to, with absolute authority.

I attack the rapists and the people who cover up for them.
To a lesser degree, I push for those who fund the sexual lawsuit payoffs to stop.

Here is a pivotal question.  Is the Catholic Church the few in the exclusively male hierarchy,
or is it the untold millions of people who would like to believe they comprise the Catholic Church?

I have no ideas why you would ask that question.
I attack the rapists and the people who cover up for them.

I think most Catholics disagree with the Vatican on most of the points that concern you.

Yet they keep funding them - I wish they would stop.

Next time you have a few minutes, Google ANY American city and "Catholic sexual abuse"
and you're going to get more hits than you could read.

Sidebar: Any Twins Peaks/David Lynch fans out there?
Lynch has a thing about screaming the name of his hometown, Missoula Montana,
so I used that as a test and Googled "Missoula, Montana" and
"Catholic sexual abuse."

Look what came up:

They're raping children IN EVERY AMERICAN CITY
and, we must assume, every city in the world.

Why aren't rank-and-file Catholics demand that the rapes and the cover-ups stop?

Pick any town and Google "Catholic sexual abuse" and be amazed at what pops up.

I have a lot of friends who are decent people and identify themselves as Catholic,
yet are embarrassed by the spectacle of the few who claim tyrannical power over millions. 
And would tell you so.

If I believed strongly in my religion and if I loved my Church, I would not sit quietly while these
organized rapists spread their crimes across the globe and across generation after generation.

Someone should start and pressure the Vatican to allow
independent investigators to get inside the Church of Rape and weed out the worst of them.

Why give the Catholic Church one more dollar to pay off their victims?

Make them sell their Da Vinjci paintings to pay for those victims.

Note: If you agree with me, mouse over this Share link and send this story to five friends.
They're going to continue to rape kids every day until someone stops them.

Obama's too busy going after pot smokers and poker players and local prosecutors, for some reason,
always turn a blind eye to these ongoing child-rapes, so if YOU don't stand up, nobody will


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