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I had the best idea ever...

Southwest Airliones notified us that we had accumulated four round-trip tickets.

With four, a couple can take a free round-trip to Hawaii.

If we went to Hawaii we'd have to sleep on the beach or maybe Fud's back porch
because finances aren't what they used to be - so I had this great idea...

We could raffle off the trip to the first ten people who bought $300 tickets.

That would give us $3,000 and it would give some lucky gambling couple a vacation
in Hawaii for a mere $300 - what other web site gives you Hawaii for $300?

Don't you hate those raffles with hundreds or thousands of potential winners?
Mrs Bart entered HGTV's home giveaway about 30 times, but noooooooo.

I even had a way to make the raffle super-fair...  it went like this:
The first three signups would pick a number between zero and nine.
Then we'd add those together to get a single digit, such as 2 + 6 + 9 = 17,
then we'd add the 1 and the 7 to make 8, which would be our base number.

Then, to make it exciting, the next Saturday Cardinal baseball game, we would
take the score, say it was 5-2, which added together would make 7.

Then we'd add that 7 to our base number of 8 to make 15,
then we'd add the 1 and the 5 to make 6, meaning whichever couple had
Number 6 would be off to Hawaii - (cue ukelele music) pretty exciting, eh?

So, because I have an abby normal brain, I called SW to firm things up.
I didn't want to get ten couples all riled up and then run into as glitch.

So I called Southwest - yes, we did have four round trips
and yes, the tickets are transferable - so far so good.

But then she crushed my dream by saying, "We no longer fly to Hawaii.
We had a deal with ATA Airlines (?) but they went out of business.""

<Bart does a shot>

I've been trying to "trade" these extra tickets for years
but we always have trouble making the connection.
We can't really afford to go on a fancy vacation
but I'll be damned if I'll let those tickets expire.

So unless somebody has a good idea what we can do with those tickets,
some faraway Motel 6 might be getting some more of our business.

You watch, the week we get back from our Motel 6 trip, Southwest
will annoumnce they've made a deal with some Hawaiian airline.

  Click for free trips

If you use credit cards, you should be using these.
Then you'd be stuck with more trips than you could afford.

If you're about to shell out big bucks for a trip, send me an e-mail.

If you live near Baltimore and have to be in Seattle this weekend, it'll cost you $1889.

Bartcop Airlines will make you a LOT better deal than  $1889.


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