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Subject: Betrayal

There is a groundswell of anger and ongoing resentment concerning the way Hillary Clinton 
has been treated by the press and betrayed by members of her own party.   Those of us who 
feel this way are hurt, saying little, just quietly seething. We haven't participated in polls, and 
the pundits have no idea how many of us are out here and how we will affect the November vote.  

Hillary Clinton has been the subject of and endured the most vile, sexist, criticism and humiliation 
from people not worthy to lick her boots.  We will NOT vote for Obama because he selfishly took 
this nomination away from Hillary, he lacks experience, he spouts buffoonery,  and has supported 
a long-time association with Reverend Wright.     

We could write in Hillary's name on the ballots, but the upshot of all this is that, unfortunately, 
McCain very well may be the next President. From our standpoint, bad as he is, he is a known devil 
and would be a safer bet than Obama.  McCain has treated Hillary better than many in her own party.  
People whose opinions we deeply respected now fill us with abiding disgust.  Ted Kennedy, Bill 
Richardson, the ugly stench of Randi Rhodes, Maureen Dowd, Keith Olbermann, and especially the 
hate eminating from Buzzflash and Kos.  I'm done with them, and the Democratic Party.  

And NO,dear Bart,  we will not unite under another pretty platitude speech.  The Democratic party 
has betrayed us and we will not forget.   This election year could very well mark the end of the 
Democratic Party.  Hillary Clinton will be blamed for that, too, and once again that will be placing 
blame where it does not belong.    We had a chance to make this country great again, and we blew it.  

Accuse us of racism?--let them have at it.  
Black men could vote before white women.  
You have heard us, and thank you, thank you.
 Strath (a lady)

 I understand your anger and I'm confused why Democrats always have to go so far  
 out of their way to fuck things up but you have to vote Democrat in November.
 Soon we'll have nine Scalias on the bench, all looking to the Fascist in the White House 
 to tell them how to interpret the Constitution and that can't happen.


 I suggest some cannibis therapy for your anger
 but you have to vote democrat - you don't have a choice.

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