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Subject: Who gained most from Bhutto's death?

Hi again Bart.

When I heard that Benazir Bhutto was going back to Pakistan, my immediate thought was, 
"Holy shit -- who wants her dead so bad?"   Clearly, someone was out to destabilize Pakistan 
by setting her up like a tame duck on one of Cheney's hunting trips, to blame her murder on 
Musharraf as a pretext for military action.  And who was  behind getting Bhutto to go to Pakistan?  

Condi  Rice.  
Another episode in the soap opera "Incompetence, or Is  Everything Going As Planned?"

The media played up Bhutto as a Woman Heroine of Democracy and  Progress, who was 
going to save the country, and all the usual amnesiac suckers fell for it.  No one remembered that 
she governed  poorly, actually set back democracy, and had an administration rife with corruption
-- that's why she was kicked out and few were sad to see her go.

In truth, her death, as sad as it was, was not like losing MLK or Bobby, who were authentic 
agents of change.  She was expendible as a leader, which is why Condi could send her to her 
certain death.  But she was invaluable as a symbol to die a martyr's death that could be paraded 
before the gullible American public to soften them up for  an attack on Pakistan.

A lot has been made of a supposed involvement and cover-up by the  Pakistani government 
regarding her assassination, as further evidence  Musharraf has to be expelled.  The truth is, 
no one in Pakistan argues that she was not assassinated.  Whether a bullet actually entered 
her body, or she cracked her cranium in a fall, she died as the result of assassination - duh.

Her assassination, IMHO, was a LIHOP or MIHOP, engineered for an  underlying political strategy. 
Who's all involved, I do not know, but  its some mixture of puppeteers, puppets, and patsies.

The knives are out for Musharraf in the American government.   Whatever his shortcomings, 
he is being unfairly blamed for some things.  He is in a very difficult position, trying to do a 
balancing  act between opposing forces in his country. He needs to appease the Americans, 
but it has the consequence of turning Pakistanis against  him and destabilizing his own country.

We hear some Americans say that the war in Iraq is bad, but that we  should turn our attention
to Afghanistan and Pakistan, which are the  good wars.  Any one who says such a thing is either
lying or ignorant  about these two countries.

I happen to know a little bit about this "neighborhood" because of my  profession.  
Clearly, any one who thinks Musharraf is being lazy and  ineffective about capturing bin Laden 
and his pals knows nothing  about the geography and culture of the mountainous region between 
the  two countries. Truly, it is No Man's Land.  Law and Government and  Nation do not exist there, 
nor can they penetrate, and never have,  ever, because it is so remote and the terrain so treacherous.  

No  army can get in there -- not even Alexander the Great could -- no  body.  The Pakistani Army 
can't get in; the Marines won't be able to  get in, and not even Special Forces or Seals have a hope 
to get in.   And America won't be able to get a bomb into the area either.   These  are facts.

And yet, people blame Musharraf for not being able to do what  Alexander the Great could not.  
Clearly, he is being set up to be the  next Saddam Hussein, and he knows it and there is nothing 
he can do  about it except think about what he wants his last words to be as the  noose goes around his neck.

Let me conclude this Kerry-like droning lecture on old news by saying  that nothing good has come 
out of invading Afghanistan, or will,  and  nothing good will come out of military or covert action against Pakistan. 
People just haven't figured out that these situations are  total disasters created by the Giggling Murder Monkey's  
administration, just like Iraq, and for the same reasons.  I just  hope not too many innocent people and American
soldiers die in the  meantime.

Always pessimistically yours,

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