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Subject: Big Ben not all bad

I said I'd be done with the Ben Roethlisberger discussion, but earlier in the week you posted the link 
to the Sports Illustrated article about Ben, so I thought I'd give you something else to think about.   
Maybe Ben can be a douche sometimes.  He can also be a good person.
 Eric in Orchard Park, NY 

The Thomas Jefferson Jaguars trip to the Big Dawg Bowl

The Little Jaguars almost didn't get to play in the bowl, which is hosted by Steelers fan and rapper Snoop Dogg, 
because of finances. That is where Roethlisberger stepped in by paying all of the travel expenses for the team and coaches,
continuing the commitment the NFL and Steelers have with youth football.

"He said he sponsored us because these kids love to play football and I want to give them the chance. 
The fact that we won it for him was awesome. He said these kids love the game and I want to give them 
the opportunity. If everyone would adopt that approach it couldnít be anything but positive." 
-- Jim Nassida, Jaguars Football Coach



Ronald McDonald House - Pittsburgh

"Behind the scenes at the [Shaq Vs] TV shoot, Mr. Roethlisberger was hosting young patients from 
the Ronald McDonald House, giving special attention to a transplant patient from Kenya, a young boy 
who did not know who the football superstar was.

"He has supported the charity since early in his career, when he began paying for catered Christmas 
and New Year's feasts at the Shadyside facility. Lately he has taken on more responsibility, becoming the 
honorary chairman of its capital campaign. A portion of sales proceeds from his barbecue sauce goes 
to the charity." -- From an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 2009.


"He is so good with our kids," Ronald McDonald House Charities of Pittsburgh executive director 
Barbara Reed Martin said. "When he talks to them, he makes them feel as if they were the only person in the room. 
When a kid isnít feeling good, he knows exactly what they need to hear to feel better." -- From an article at, May 2009. ... ben-050310


The Kids Wish Network: Cynthia

"A teen with a life-threatening illness had her wish to meet the Pittsburgh Steelers 
granted through Kids Wish Network and the generosity of Big Ben and the Steelers." -- 
Madeline Robinson, Kids Wish Network, January 4, 2010.



Make-A-Wish Foundation: Rick

"More than anything, Rick wanted to meet the team's star quarterback, Ben Roesthlisberger. 
When he walked through the door, Rick's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Big Ben gave a speechless Rick a huge hug. 
Rick's mom said, "If you would have seen that, you would have had a tear in your eye. Rick didn't have a lot to say, but that hug said it all."

Make-A-Wish Foundation: Akeem

Seconds after 14-year-old Akeem Havens said he hoped to meet Ben Roethlisberger, 
the Pro Bowl quarterback walked into the media room at the Steelers' South Side facility on Thursday.

With a black playbook in his hand and a perturbed look on his face, Roethlisberger said to his newest teammate, 
"Hey, what's going on here? We don't have time for this. We have practice. Are you ready to practice?"

"Let's go," Havens said with a smile.

It was one of the highlights in a day filled with them for Havens, who since a car wreck at age 7
has been a quadriplegic and has experienced kidney failure. -- From an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 30, 2008.


Special Olympics Football Camp

Ben led a team of NFL superstars in a football camp for Special Olympics athletes in Washington, D.C. on April 16th, 2009. 
The clinic is one of a series of charity efforts organized by the National Football League and its players' union on behalf of the Special Olympics.


Alliance Against Highly Addictive Drugs

Ben serves an Honorary Chair in Pittsburgh for the Alliance Against Highly Addictive Drugs, 
for which he's made multiple appearances to meet middle school and high school students and promote an anti-drug lifestyle.


American Library Association

Ben is an Honorary Chair for the American Library Association (ALA), appearing on 
school posters and speaking to elementary school children on the value of reading.



The Ben Roethlisberger Challenge - Charity Basketball Game

For the past three years, Ben has raised money for his former high school's athletic department in Findlay, Ohio 
by playing in a charity basketball game in a team comprised of fellow Steelers teammates versus some standout 
local high school basketball players. In 2009, he was joined on the court by his sister Carlee, who plays for the Oklahoma University women's team.

The event has raised over $70,000. ... ?id=117644


Joseph DeBacco meets his Idol

An 8-year-old boy suffering from a devastating disease got a Steelers-sized wish granted last night. 
Joseph DeBacco got to meet his idol, Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger during a very special taping of the PNC Hines Ward Show.

Joseph, who was only given a 10- to 15-percent chance to live, was ecstatic when he found out he would be meeting Big Ben face-to-face.

"I want to have him sign my jersey and I feel awesome." -- From an article on KDKA, December, 2007.


2009 NFL Players Asssociation's Annual J.B Awards

Ben was honored on April 16th, 2009 with an award by the league and its partners for his community service.


Big Ben's BBQ Sauce - Fundraising

Over the past three years, Ben's endorsements with "Big Ben's BBQ" has helped raise close to $150,000 
for various charitable organizations. His likeness appears on five flavors of Big Ben's BBQ Sauce and 
three fully-cooked meats that are sold in local stores.

"Ben has been great with the fund-raising. I have nothing but positive things to say from our experiences with Ben." 
-- Company owner John Kosko.


The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation

Ben founded "The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation" to help police departments and fire departments get grants 
and funding for k-9 units and service dogs. In 2009, the Foundation awarded grants totalling over $42,000 across 
the United States. In addition, the Foundation gave $250,000 to the Pittsburgh police and fire departments for canine armor.

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