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<>Big Brother Week Two
by Mike the Dealer

The Showmance dominates

And this is how quickly the game changes, Annie is evicted 10-0 by the house, is revealed to be the Saboteur
(The producers must be pissed.) and Rachel,  her fellow nominee wins HoH and now has all the power.
While it seemed likely that Hayden would be a target, Rachel and Brendon decide to split up Britney and Monet,
because they have been endlessly mean to Rachel  during the week she was on the block.

Hayden celebrates that this has kept the Brigade clear of nominations, while Monet and Britney cry over being put up.
I can’t imagine crying over a nomination, if you came into this game, you’re almost assuredly getting nominated at 
some point, it’s a part of the game, like getting voted against on Survivor (Unless your Sandra, 1 vote that counted
cast against her and she won twice…GO SANDRA!) but they cry and complain anyhow. 

Hayden now has his own showmance with Kristen, but they are trying to keep it secret, unlike Brendon and Rachel
who are publically and clearly a couple. 

The Brigade worry that any of them might go up if somebody wins PoV  and decides to mess with the nominations,
which makes them very determined to win the contest and keep the nominations in place, of course the three people
assured of playing are Rachel, Monet , and Britney, and they will be drawing names out of a hat, so the Brigade
have no way of knowing if any of them will end up playing in the PoV contest at all. 

Two of them end up playing in a challenge where they have to stay trapped in stocks and quit at exactly or as
close to one hour as possible without going over. Big Brother loves ‘Price is Right’ rules in it’s challenges. 
Britney is the only one who goes under and as a result, saves herself with the PoV. 

Everyone schemes and plots on who’s going to get put up in Britney’s place, with Britney and Monet trying
to get Andrew put up. Andrew is repeatedly shown looking clueless and doing arm curls with a weight
whenever they bring up his name, poor negative edit getting Andrew.

Matt offers himself up as a pawn to Rachel and Brendon, Brendon is 100% for this,
Rachel thinks he is shady as hell for offering himself up as a pawn and she still wants to
put up Andrew, her and Brendon argue, he leaves, and she cries.

I will say the whole idea of putting up Andrew and then if he goes home, you’ll ‘win Monet and Britney’s
loyality’ is madness of the highest order. You went after them, they will come after you, that’s the nature
of the game, you nominate pawns because the person is willing to be a pawn and it’s no hard feelings,
you go after enemies to get rid of them, not to ‘win them over.’ Rachel cries a bunch, because that’s
what people do on this show.

We get to the Veto ceremony and Rachel does make the right call and puts up Matt as a pawn. 
And that’s what we saw on TV.

It looks like Matt’s been a jerk since his pawn nomination, but that with the Brigade and others
backing him, he’ll have the votes to be safe this week, Monet’s already packed her bags and is ready to leave.

Right now we have The Brigade as an alliance, with Kristen attached to Hayden in a show mance,
Kathy is with Brendon and Rachel, Reagan is also kind of on their side, Andrew is a floater who
Brendon trusts, and Britney is currently without allies and going to have to just fly under the radar
this week, unless she wins HoH.

Tomorrow will be the eviction and the new HoH, and also, will we be treated to the inside info
that Brendon and Rachel have started having sex? All this fun and more on Big Brother.

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