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How Billy Random Sees it

Big media is up to the usual and so are the pathetic Dems;
What's with all the non-stop HOUR after HOUR coverage of the dimmest of all the Kennedy brothers in his grandstanding endorsement? (other than creating party division and another republican administration in 2008)
GE (MSNBC) stopped their non stop coverage of 'how to be a pedophile' and 'how to act in jail because you'll be there soon' shows for non stop adoration on the 'liberal lion,' or as JFK used to call Ted, "the gay illiterate" (gay as in happily irresponsible)...and yes, dim.
Suddenly, they LOVE 'liberals'??? yeh right.
If they were news outlets they'd give some context about Ted's legacy. (bringing us Reagan and a long list of other actual crimes)
Let's try to remember that in addition to being expelled from Harvard for cheating, ( & paying someone else to cheat for him) the dimmest of the nine, who was shepherded into the Senate by his kingmaker daddy Joe, the same daddy who made sure his military service was in Paris instead of Korea, and got him out of countless drunk driving pops; not to mention the horror of Chappaquiddick where that girl was alive and scratching the shit out of the roof of the car she drowned in, while Ted walked past a firehouse in silence, leaving the scene of an accident, unscathed, on the way to another cover-up.
 (His wife Joan was pregnant at the time & suffered a miscarriage and went on to alcoholism and mental illness herself in the aftermath)
NO it's not a digression, and IS relevant, because he's a national figure talking about values and appropriating the 'passing the torch' to a new generation in his support for the new Obamalot, so a little history lesson for the new voters who might appreciate some context, is in order. You know if Ted had endorsed Hillary, this would not have been played over and over and over with such reverence. I don't want to spoil anybody's pony party, but that's the way it really is.
I haven't the time, and you haven't the room to publish all his horrifying irresponsible personal and 'professional' history, but peeps should be a little concerned about the true nature of Camelot, Teddy-style... Does the "new politics" call for any research or knowledge of contemporary political history anywhere along the way? Not so far. Where have I heard this "uniter not a divider" stuff before. Hmm.
Most significantly in my always very humble opinion, is the bastard CHALLENGED A SITTING DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT in 1980, helping, in no small regard, to give us Ronald Reagan, Barack's inspiration and the killer of our Republic, which is on it's last bit of life support right now, and Russert and Matthews and the killer crew, who could not hide their pale frightened hurt faces when Hillary won her primaries and caucuses, are digging in and happy again, propping up the candidate who has yet to see the real-deal tussle up close and personal.
In 1980, dim drunk boy Ted been sitting pretty in the Senate for almost twenty years, so at some point, excuses for drunken rampages and destroying other people's lives and children, including his ex-wife's, has to come into play. But war loving, propaganda spreading GE company (who makes fortunes on war while showing you that pretty peacock icon) is suddenly in non stop admiration of "the Liberal Lion" that speech again and again and again. Nothing about those 5 American kids who died that day. I repeat, NOTHING about those 5 American kids who died that day. Just Brittany and Ted and the magic pony.
Talk about fairy tales...ooops, now I'm an automatic racist, huh?? because I dare suggest vetting the pony candidate and the over-entitled embarrassment that endorsed him, getting dozens of hours of free commercials for Obamalot, instead of some sense of equal time, would be in order. Obama has his Dr. King lines in all of his speeches and works the race angle when it's to his political advantage, and when it isn't, everyone else is a sneaky racist for trying to hold him accountable. Big Media says that's ok. so it must be. and so it is, Amen. Those of us who marched in the street and faced angry armed cops are out of the argument now because we're suddenly 'part of the "OLD" divisive politics...oh man. what a crock.
Hillary was giving a hell of a speech and openly taking questions in Nashville, the night of the S. Carolina primary, but that was not newsworthy apparently. She took every question and spoke without teleprompters. Try that sometime Barack.
But no media coverage on that, (thank goodness for C-Span) Everything has to be orchestrated, to further divide the party, and the country, and assure the Repub victory, that every Dem thinks impossible at this point. The blogs, now no better than the major media it once was clearly opposed to. (now it's the prepping ground for trying to get INTO  the big media, (big bucks, big exposure) or, in several cases, actually IS the big Conservative media in disguise, like the Arianna shill and her mega financed shell game)
Kennedy could not have helped bring us Reagan more, with his traitorous moves against Carter, and here he is helping to split the party again. He could have stepped up and supported his party and the country, but he wanted the big prize, lost two dozen primaries, but 10 or so, just enough to cut the bleeding Carter while he was down and Reagan/Bush were already illegally selling weapons to Iran in a coup. I think Parry was great at uncovering a lot of this but now he want a pony, and they are expensive. He's done his time in the trenches and he wants some payback apparently.
Like Nader, he takes a once stunningly important career of service into a divisive Hate Hillary fest, just like the pros.
Ted's entitled to his endorsement of course, but fascinating that it gets dozens and dozens of repeats and respectful media coverage by the very forces that took away Gore's victory in 2000. Like duhhh...
He does not speak for Bobby or Jack, and dear Caroline did not know her Dad, but her teenagers want to be excited (they already have ponies but heck, one more can't hurt).
Gosh, sorry to intervene in the 'history making' baloney of Obamalot; but I've seen all this crap before, and here it comes again. 46 years in the Senate and we still don't have health care, but Senators and the filthy rich (and those riches are filthy) don't need to worry about such things. We pay their health insurance and they are never denied. Cheney would be dead six times now if it weren't for unlimited coverage. A real American would be dead and if poor, spat upon in the crematory.
 If Ted had gone to jail for a few months instead of having his sentence suspended after countless drunk driving  incidents, maybe that girl would still be alive. But rich folk walk. And that ain't gonna change, and Obama has shown me nothing so far, except he never speaks without two clear teleprompters feeding him the lines.
One to the right, read read talk out loud, one to the left, read read talk out loud, and back again, thus giving the impression that he is actually saying words he wrote, and that he is actually looking at the adoring crowds instead of reading the same ol' politics of division off of a transparent clear prompter.
Thin skinned amateur working the crowds? Maybe he's better than that, but how would anybody know? The Back Street Boys were very popular for awhile too. Oh the screams of adoration.
Good health and many thanks to you, as always Bart. You were the first and most important blog, and still are. I think TPM strives for even handed reportage but cannot find many other blogs that do.
Matthews is talking over Hillary event in Florida as I write this, "Those are not hand painted signs, HAAA," blurts the idiot, revealing his agenda before she can utter one word. And then to commercial.  Senator Clinton beats Senator Obama by twenty points or more; Yes we know that there are no delegates in play, but it's a significant win. NBC keeps reminding us the obvious about delegates, over and over...The message is 'this is not really happening.'

Just like that Gore win in 2000 that they took back when Welch started bellowing in anger.
 "When is a victory not a victory," says Andrea Mitchell.   There she is.   She has no teleprompter.
They give Clinton a few minutes, like two or three max, and then interrupt with commentary. 
"Hillary Clinton will not be interrupting you," says Olbermann to Scarborough.
Switching to C-SPAN.
I'd like to write you about Arianna Coulter and the PuffHo site, but I need to vomit.
Keep hammering. I know you will.

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