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Subject: How to combat (astro)"turfers" at townhall meetings

Hey Bart, I was over on DU and we came up with a whole slew of ideas for combating the "turfers."

In addition to Turfer Parrot Bingo, here are some others that I came up with:

Respond to their screaming by handing them a cheap prop.

A baby bottle, for instance.
Or a dunce cap.

Respond to their screaming by starting a chant.

Like "USA! USA!"

ha ha

Chanting this in response to their jeering will confuse them.

Whenever one of them gets up to scream, take their picture.

In this instance, a video camera won't work. Taking their picture makes them think "I.D." 
They will stop rising if they believe they're photos are being "collected." If anyone of real authority asks, 
tell them you're making a documentary that will air on Al Gore's Current TV. 
Be sure the photographer wears an official-looking badge.

Mock them.

Stoop to their level, but have fun while doing it.
Whatever they say, repeat it back to them in a whiny voice and make sure all your friends 
laugh and laugh afterwards!  Just like you used to do to piss off an older sibling.

And, just as they're about to blow their tops, tell them, "I know you are, but what am I?"
It will bring down the house, especially if you can do a good Pee-Wee Herman imitation.

Respond to their screaming by playing music.

I suggest either the theme from Benny Hill or the Chicken dance song!

If you play the chicken dance make sure everyone dances and claps their hands, too!.


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