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Subject: Monkey Mail me?

You know she has lost the popular vote, right? 

That might be true if you don't count all the states.
I mean, how did Wyoming and Utah get more voters than New York and California?

What will happen if the DC elite deny the Front runner his rightful place and give it to Her? 

If the goal is to nominate a Black man, I say let's go with Obama.
If the goal is taking power from the Bush bastards, let's go with the knife-fighter.

Good thing She got 7% Republicans in Indiana to give her a 2% win. 
Those Rush listeners are for sure going to vote for her in the General Election.

Like the people of Wyoming and Utah will vote Democrat this year?
By any chance - are you willing to bet on who wins those states?

"If I was a Republican, er, I mean, if we were playing by the GOP rules 
I would already be the nominee." Does not help her case with most Dems.

All that meant was, in any normal race She would've won.
But somehow, She can win the popular vote and Obama gets the delegates.

Seriously, what could be more screwy than those Texas rules?
You vote once, then you meet your friends later that night and vote again?
Does that sound like a "normal" election to you?

Is she staying in just long enough to pay back some of that $11.4 Million she lent to her campaign? 
That's a great reason to delay uniting the party:
 bon jovee

But we were already united until "the fierce urgency of now" intervened.
We had victory guaranteed - but we put that second on our wish list.

That's what makes us Democrats.

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