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Subject: a black person's view on whites and obama

Bart, I am a 39 year old black female who started reading your site on the advice of Mike Malloy.  
I enjoy what you write and try to keep up everyday but this stuff some of your readers write about 
Obama is disturbing.  Let's face it, whites and blacks will always view race differently.  

What a black person perceives to be racist, a white person may never understand.  It is very difficult 
to understand something you've never been, like a man trying to understand what it's like to have a 
period every month.  It doesnt mean that you shouldnt try to understand or "bridge the gap" as it were, 
it just means that you have to accept certain things as they are. 

Obama is too dark skinned for anyone to mistake him as anything other than a black man.  He cannot 
deny his experiences as a black man growing up in America. He has had experiences with racism.  
He will try to be as colorblind as a great leader should, but no one has ever asked any president in 
America's history to deny his personal experiences or the things that shaped him to be the person he is.  

In other words, no one has ever asked any of our presidents to be less "white".  As the first black 
president, Obama will have to do something no other white president has had to do and that is to be 
completely colorblind or deny his "blackness."  It will be expected, even demanded of him (note he has 
to change his church and the people he associates with) and if he should somehow fail to do this, 
he will be taken out of office faster than you can say "Monica Lewinsky". 

Keep swinging the hammer Bart, but be careful.  
A lot of non-minorites are really starting let their true colors show and that's gonna 
divide us more than any black man ever trying to set foot in the white house.

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