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Subject: debating race with my new African American friend

I pray you are right or we are all screwed. I just fear that the jesse jackson
comment went to far and infuriated Blacks as a voting block.

I'm white - I don't understand why Rev Jackson is spoken of like Jeffrey Dahmer.
Why does Jackson's name infuriate blacks?

That, as a result, Hillary has been labeled a racist as a result of Bill's comments,
which clearly is unfair to her. I think it would be a good idea for Hillary and her
supporters to somehow state their objections to that particular move by Bill.

Maybe the Clintons do, but I still have no idea what insulted you.
It must be the most unspeakable insult ever because it has really pissed off Obama
backers and African Americans and the media and Hollywood and Air America
and Ed Schultz and CNN and ABC and the rest of them but nobody will say
what it is that's gotten everybody in a rage..

I imagine Bill could have made a worse comment, but it would have
to have included the N.. word, fried chicken and watermelon.

Swear to Koresh I'm not playing dumb, but what is it?
I pay more attention than 95% of all Americans and I'm still clueless.
Is Jesse Jackson another Willie Horton?
And being compared to him is ULTIMATE INSULT (short of the 'N' word)?

If Clinton had said, "MLK got arrested many times - big deal.
Rodney King's been arrested a bunch, too."

Now THAT I can see as an insult.

Comparing a martyr to a crack-hear criminal should cause outrage,
but comparing Obama's record in Carolima to Jackson's record in 
Carolina seems like harmless poli-talk - can you straighten me out?.

I am a pretty level headed guy and it absolutely infuriated me.


Imagine how it affects the community.
In fact it even angers me to hear anyone defend the comment
as though it was somehow reasonable given the context.

It sounds totally and absolutely reasonable to me.
Please, please, please explain why you're so insulted.

I am with you and we have to start working on unifying the party and
preparing to get behind the nominee but I really don't think there is much
chance of the black community getting behind Hillary to any degree.
I hope and pray that if she wins, I am wrong.

If we white people have no idea what makes blacks terribly angry,
it will probably happen again and again until someone explains it to us.

...and please don't answer by saying "Clinton knew what he was saying."

YOU are the offended party.
It's up to you to explain why.

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