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Subject: Like in Blazing Saddles

Hi Bart,
I totally agree with your assessment of the weekend hustle. For months I have been saying 
that with the GOP media, the very profitable health care and oil industries wanting Hillary out 
of the way, had to hurt her first, then they will go after Barack.
The GOP/whore media's plan was like that of Harvey Korman's character Hedley Lamarr 
in Blazing Saddles whereas they would promote a candidate so offensive, the people would 
then run him out of town. Imagine the looks on people's faces I got when I used this comedy as 
an analogy to what was happening and realizing that was not a crazy comparison and that it will
be harder to elect a partially black man with little experience.
Looks likeScott McClellan's exposing the whore media has validated this awkward analogy. 
Whoever said "The media was practicing stenography, not journalism" was right. 
Smart people knew that and smelled it a mile away.
I believe it was the media's job to get rid of the person who could beat McCain.

Does anyone think that Barack will continue to be treated so well going into November with more 
bad pastor revelations and other things the GOP/whore media will dig up until then with the 
GOP's help and $$?    Remember what they did to war hero Kerry?   The rules for war heroes 
are different depending on party affiliation. Senile, flip flopping McSame the "maverick" has had 
little to answer for in the GOP/whore media with his countless "mistakes" - he is still their darling.
David Rees (Get Your War On) had a good joke about that in Rolling Stone.
Somehow, McCain brought up a WWII analogy and Rees said,
"Right, but nobody had to remind Patton that the Nazis weren't Russians."

Saddest part is the ignorant Democrat leadership has done this with the GOP's help and blessings. 
The GOP is grateful to Howard Dean and the dumb Demmies.
And R.I.P. Harvey Korman. Thanks so much for the hysterical laughter you provided. 
We are still laughing. Another great one gone.

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