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Subject: Support from Blue

1) I think you have acted and spoken extremely reasonably about the Dem nominee race. 
You haven't put the hate on for anyone. All this, and if everyone had listened to you so long ago, 
at the beginning, everything would be IN THE BAG for Dems now. 100% guaranteed. 
Instead, we have this "war", which may yet turn out in the worst possible way.

2) Randi Rhodes. Tell me what well-paid entertainer is *not* a "fucking whore", and after that, 
tell me who's "divisive" and uses "Rovian tactics" (the Clintons are "racists" and "unpatriotic" -- WTF????). 
I'm very disappointed in Randi, mainly because she misrepresents or fabricates "quotes" and "facts" 
and then attacks the strawmen she's made. 

I'm not wild about either one, but I tell you this much -- either one WILL DO!!!  

We have to start somewhere. Yeah, politics sucks, and anybody who wants to be President probably 
has a mental or emotional problem of some kind, but somebody's got to do it and both are decent people, 
unlike ANY Repub...

3) A while ago some monkey wrote that Malloy was talking you down -- not true. 
He's still calling you a "true American patriot" (I listen to him every night). I agree.

blue in Seattle

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