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Subject: I'm a stupid whore

Weren't you whining about changing the rules in the middle of the game?

Not sure - it helps to quote me when making an accusation.
What are you going to do when the flush Hillary...

Is that a question?

will they keep paying for your lying crap for a while?  

They don't pay me - they pay Kos - with truckloads of cash.

What's your deal on that...or didn't they expect to lose?
 Bluto the brainless

I think she expected the whore press to be against her, but I don't think anybody 
expected everyone with a camera, a microphone or a keyboard go head-over-heels
berzerk-in-love over the fresh-faced newcomer. 
That's never happened in my memory and I'm pretty old.

Banana Fact: If you want to ripen your monkey bananas quicker, 
wrap them in a wet paper towel and place them into a brown paper sack. 

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