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Subject: a donation and a complaint from Prague

Dear Bart, Mrs. Bart and the kitties,

I have gone back and visited your website a few times and as always, it has been very
entertaining and I agree with you on almost everything and I laugh a lot.

But I'm a pacifist with high blood pressure and I find your unfailing tendency
to toe the company line when it comes to killing brown people who live over
"our" oil utterly revolting and heartbreaking and harmful to my health.

You can't seem to understand that when it comes to matters of "national security,"
we are always fed nothing but unadulterated lies, as is in fact the case with everything
else we are told by the government, including the official 9-11 conspiracy theory.

Oh well, leopards can't change their spots, so the two of us will probably never see
eye to eye on this matter.

It's not your fault - even the "progressives" in the press are in love with President Murderator.
Things look much different from a European perspective - we are truly free here and we have
no ambitions of hegemony.  And remember, I served "honorably" from 65-69 in the US Army.

That said, I have  derived great enjoyment  over the years from reading your observations and
I am enclosing some cash to help you put food on all of your fine family.  I am still, and will
remain, your friend and should you or anyone close to you require hemp oil treatment, you can
save enough money doing it here to afford a glorious vacation in the heart of Europe at the same time.

I hear Southwest is going to Europe soon, if it hasn't already.
My very best to you both,
 Bob in Prague

PS. Your PO Box (Box 54466) is a lovely cribbage hand - 24 points!

Bob, thanks for the donation, the kind tone of your letter and your vacation offer.'s first definition of "pacifist" reads this way:
  - a person who believes in pacifism or is opposed to war or to violence of any kind.

I've often used this example:

If you are in the park with your wife and kids and two punks come by and try to steal

your children, if you're not ready to use violence to stop them - then you are crazy.

It's my opinion that Martion Luther King and Bono and John Lennon and Ghandi would ALL
to save their kids, so the meaning of the word "pacifist" needs to be fixed.  It should read,
 - a person who exhausts every possibility before resorting to violence.

I am not accusing you but IF you're the type of guy who'd rather see some thugs steal your kids
and possibly condemn them to a very short life of aggravated sexual abuse, then yes, you and I
would have very little in common.

IF you think Obama is a murderer, then you probably think Clinton is a murderer.
It would then follow that every US president, with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter,
is a murderer, so you may be seeing "murderer" where everyone else just sees people.

You were very unspecific with your "toe the line" comment.
I back Obama when I think he's right and I disagree with him when I think he's wrong.

I have no idea if your accusations involve Israel or Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya
or Syria or Egypt or Yemen or Lebanon - there's a lot going on.

I don't think I've ever said, "We should bomb those brown people and steal their oil."
Perhaps you were angry and not thinking clearly when you made that assertion?

Yes, we were lied to about 9-11.
The Democrats were just too timid to speak up and Obama wanted to look forward
so he could free his Justice Department to chase after pot smokers and poker players.
We'll never know what happened that day.

Europe has a different history than America.
We can't change the past but if we elect the right men - or keep the wrong men
from seizing power - maybe we can steer the world towards a less violent future.

That Hemp Oil Treatment sounds nice...

Don't be a stranger and thanks again for the donation.


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