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Subject: what is it with these f-ing Democrats? 

Just what is it about the fucking Democrats that makes it impossible for them to LISTEN TO THEIR BASE? 

What is it about clowns like Rahm Emmanuel that makes it easier for them to throw Progressives like you, 
me and Howard Dean under the fucking bus, but continue kiss Lieberman's ass and refuse to discipline him 
and make a very public example of his disloyalty by stripping him of his chairmanship? 

With Democrats, it's all about being nice and playing fair.
If victory knocks on their door, they might answer it,
but they damn sure won't fight for it.

Winning is fourth or fifth on the Dem's priority list.

Hell, it's obvious that having 60 votes doesn't mean jackshit. 
The GOP never had 60 votes and they rammed home all sorts of destructive laws.

With Republicans, winning comes first, fair or not..
They do what they want and they tell our mouse-y Democrats to go fuck themselves.
Then the Democrats wet themselves in fear and follow the GOP lead.
It makes me f-ing sick to my stomach that they have no fight in them.

Until the Dems in Congress and the White House understand that they're going to lose until 
they listen to US AND GET A SPINE AND A SET OF GONADS   I'm not going to give them 
a fucking nickel. I'll vote with my nose closed, but that's it.

With this Coakley loss, I hope they get the message. I really doubt they will. 
They'll just be more and more scared about the November elections and give more 
and more away to the GOP and the likes of Lieberman and the Blue Dogs.
I fear you are correct.
Is a testicular implant covered under Obamacare?.

I've never feared more for my country than I have these days.

I guess all I can do, Bart old friend, is be the best single Dad to my young daughters 
that I can be and try to prepare them to face whatever future there may be.
 Bob Witkowski

Time like this, I wish I believed in prayer :)

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